Initial thoughts Surface Book vs. iPad Pro (not a full review).

I promised that when I got the surface book I would do a contrast/compare with the iPad Pro. I’ve had the Surface Book for about two weeks now. I have to say that Windows 10 in particular is the product promised with the delivery of Windows 7. Driver isolation alone is worth the upgrade.

First off Microsoft has greatly simplified the setup process. I had my Microsoft ID connected to, and the system up and running in about 10 minutes. So its comparable to the iPad. Pairing the Surface Pen was as easy as Pairing the Apple Pencil. The device has a nice look and feel, it is much lighter than I thought it would be. Back in the day I used to carry a high end laptop. It would weight between 8-10 pounds and the wear and tear on my shoulder probably wasn’t worth it. The Surface Book is light and powerful.


I will do a full review later. This is more comparing the two (iPad Pro and Surface Book). Initially I would say they compare well. I have been playing with the touch screen and working with the pen creating bad art. I think the real test will come the first time I do a web meeting and use the portable whiteboard during the meeting. The iPad has been providing that service for me the past four years since I got my first one.

The screens are comparable. The iPad Pro fits on top of the Surface Book barely. The two input devices are about the same size.  I was really surprised at how expressive the Surface Pen was. It has moved from a mouse to a true input device.

I am officially taking back my blog of 4 years ago stating the Surface product line was a mistake. The Surface Book is amazing. If it is anywhere as capable as the Surface Hub for meetings it will become my go-to device for web meetings. Video Skype is already amazing. The quality of the front facing camera is equal to the iPad. I carried it around the house yesterday while I was working, marking up a document. With an i7 chip from Intel, the device flies and handles word/excel with no issues.

I will have to find a Windows based version of Zamuri. If that exists then I will be in heaven. Zamuri remains the reason that my iPad is my go-to for quick sketches of infrastructure and cloud solutions. You just can’t beat the product!

Comparison wise the Book is equal to the iPad pro. I would argue maybe just slightly ahead. Based on memory and power, as well as expandability it should be further ahead. But for now they are comparable in both size, weight and value to me. I will do a formal review of the Surface Book soon, so we will see if I find more value!

It is a good product. I was not expecting it to be as good as it is.


Windows reconvert…