Virily movers project…

Today’s mover’s project is comment drivers. Now, this is a really hard category to measure. It requires looking at multiple posts with the same people commenting on them and seeing if there is a trend. The trend can be one of three distinct results:

1. Comments are made, but the post doesn’t have a big increase in views or other comments

2. Comments are made, and the post gets many more comments, but views are not increased

3. Comments are made, views and additional comments are high

(please note, this was captured over multiple posts. Many authors drive one or two posts in a week, the group of four drive nearly every post they are commenting on)!

First, this cannot be measured in one post. It has to be measured on multiple posts. We have to watch multiple people, control and subject to use the experimentation model. The other thing is we are limited by time. I only watch posts for over 72 hours.  Here is what I do. First I pick ten authors a day. I then mark every single post (and save the URL) I think a return to that post it pushes me to 30 posts a day reading, so, for now, I am only looking at these on the weekends. I have completed two full weekends evaluation and want to share the results I have so far. I finally realized why many people follow them if you don’t comment on my posts I won’t comment on you posts rule going through this for the past two weekends. It does matter when people comment on your posts. A lot in fact, much more than I would have guessed.

That said, the six folks listed here will get you many more comments and views on your posts!

High (moves views and comments with every post they comment on)



Alex Levante


Medium (more comments but no great increase in views)


Alex Socorro


Light (small increase)

Many authors!

This is the single hardest category because honestly, everyone in the light category does move into the medium and high category for one or two posts in a week. The folks in the high category move 10-12 posts per week other than their own. Interesting if you get comments from 2-3 of the High Comment mover on your post, watch the views on that post, it will be more than 100 views within 48 hours.

My next experiment is around what happens when you change the time of day you post. I am not sure how to test that effectively yet. As the reality of the time of day is hard to tell since no authors can guarantee their post will end up with XX views and XX comments before they post it!

Thanks to all and thanks to the comment movers (the last category has 14 members my apologies for not listing all of you!).


Phase II Virily Movers

First off, today is the launch of Phase II of the mover’s project. I have looked at a new thing (fastest to 100 views) and the continued comment monitoring. Those can be watched and easily tracked. We could argue that there is no correlation, correctly between people commenting and comments other people and that is fair. What I look at is what do people do over 30 or more posts. It gives a decent view of the impact of one person’s comments. All of this said, there are always variables. So today, I am opening the door to let in the light. Or more properly, I am inviting the thoughts of the community. I did want to address a couple of the excellent comments from the Phase 1 post.

1. We only measure active posts. That means, of course, those whose posts are approved by the moderators, don’t appear to have the same standing as others. I want to assure everyone that I check posts by many authors and I do not always look at current posts. I try to see what the trend has been over time rather than simply only looking at current posts.

2. This means that a number of you will see views without comments today and tomorrow. I promise that if I read your post I commented on it already, I am simply checking some of your older posts to see what and if the impact of various authors was on your post.

So let’s see what people want to know about. I am going to ask a bunch of questions in the poll, to see where we end up.

I did want to clarify my comment about comments yesterday.

What I meant to say was this-

People that comment (I like this post) and then submit the comment. Then come back, or are still there and add another comment to the first (I like Tuesday’s they are great days). Then still on the post, they add another sentence as a reply to their original (but of course, today is Wednesday). In other words, the person has created three comments, that are one comment. They didn’t comment, leave the post, come back the comment, leave the post come back and comment. They did the three, six, however many comments they posted in one view.

Why do you care?

You, as the author lost Virils and views overall. Yes, you gained comments, but ultimately you now have more notifications and more things you have to comment on please note that is wholly my opinion.

This doesn’t apply to the inability to edit our comments, you make a mistake, and you clarify that in a second comment. That happens to all of us and is perfectly fine!


Phase 1 Virily movers project…

Movers, as promised the initial listing of people that move the posts here on Virily.

1. We lost one of the biggest movers as Albert cannot be on Virily right now do to Real World issues.

2. I removed all duplicate comments (someone that comments on their comments over and over) that is Viril chasing when you do that.

Overall over the past two weeks, views are stable. The average number of engaged Virily authors remains about 50. The site lists more than 2300 total, but many of them are not currently and have not been active for a long time.

The thing I am adding this time is the speed to 100 views of a post. This is really simple, note the time a post is shared, how long to 100 views.

Top mover

(fastest to 100 views)


Carol has, on average 100 views of her post in less than 24 hours.

Most comments

(this one is a tie) if these people comment, others will comment as well



More data is coming; this is just the first two (post-wedding) weeks of captures. But here are some initial findings.

•Business day on the site is Saturday.

•Slowest day on the site is Wednesday.

•Most commented does not mean trending.

•Trending posts are pushed to the trending portion of the site in 28 or fewer hours.

•Two movers (Albert H and Ghostwriter) have had reduced presence due to real-world issues, that has impacted the overall site traffic.

•Views include guest views when you see them on your post, and you only get Virils for Virily member views (you may have a post with 300 views, but if you view your account you may only get 100 Virils for the post)

overlies are awarded for comments

oVirils are awarded for replies

oVirils are awarded for member views

o Based on that, 20 comments and replies generate 30 or more Virils for the author.

o That also means you have at least 20 members (you must be a member to comment) views.

o Upvotes do not convey Virils either to the upvoter or the author.

o If you report a comment, your account (author) is debited the two virils for a comment. The comments account also loses the virils for that comment.

The trending posts are visible on the left “Menu” tab of the stone. Also, there are Ranks and some other site related components.


water, fills the world but where it goes matters…

Today, a picture of the Black Hills Recreation area, lake. The lake is much smaller today than it was ten years ago. In part that is because a large number of feeder streams have been rerouted. What reroutes a stream of water? Well normally it is either a beaver, Black Hills has a few, but they are in the actual lake area and not building dams stopping the streams, or humans and concrete. The concept of concrete is interesting. Let’s start with a history lesson of changing water flow. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The devastation was horrible. The problem, for that area, was that one of the swampy areas around New Orleans had been drained and there was human construction. Swamps absorb a lot of water rapidly. No swamp, too much water.

In the case of the lake for the Black Hills, there is the other side of that. The reality of concrete and ultimately the impact of concrete. Previously the recreation area lake was fed by streams that gathered water from the entire area, carrying it to the lake. The Army Corps of Engineers, created a dam to reduce the flooding in that area. Now, in the ensuing years, that area has exploded. BY exploded the lake itself has now some homes built around it. But more importantly, when you consider drainage basin, you have to go 2-3 and more miles away to determine where the water is coming from. There is a great sign, replicated some times in the Rocky mountains. Water on this site goes to the Mississippi. Water on the other side of the line goes to the Pacific Ocean.

It is a very complex explanation of a simple problem. There is now a shopping mall (with lots of parking and parking lots). There is a huge series of four new developments — lots of houses, lots of concrete less flow of water. The resulting changes push the water away from the black Hills recreation reservoir. It is the reality of expansion. The parking lots from the new mall all drain into a stream that heads parallel to where the water used to go. Two of the four new subdivisions of houses, drain into the new flow pattern created by the mall. The reality is more than 30% of the lake’s water is now heading away from the lake. When you add evaporation, the lake is declining now because of that.

Amy Grant sings a beautiful song that has a line “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

The reality of parking, malls, and hours is that water flows change.


of mesh networks…

When I was younger I was excited by the possibilities of handheld radios. Please note that when I was younger, the concept of a cell phone was still 20 years off. For roughly three years one of my buddies got a push to talk radio set. We would run around the neighborhood talking to people we couldn’t see, but we could still hear. Now, the rise of social media sites has evolved that concept. You can still do push to talk with your cell phone, and many people do. Products like Beartooth and GoTenna allow you to create a mesh network with your phone and any other phone that is paired with a GoTenna or Beartooth receiver. You can be outside of the traditional cellular tower range and still talk.

Ham, CB and Family Radio Service all do the same thing as the Gotenna and Beartooth in that they create a separate mesh network that isn’t Cellular. What Gotenna and Beartooth do, however, is allow you to have a 10-minute connection to any other Beartooth Devices or Gotenna devices in the area where you are. Walkie talkies are bound to carrying a second device with you. Not, when I was 11, that we minded. We loved playing our movies with our walkie talkies. The rise of CB radios was something that we enjoyed as well. We learned the Lingo of Truckers, and the ten systems used by the police (the most famous being 10-4 or acknowledged.) we learned to say Over when we were done speaking so the other person could speak.

Over and Out meant you finished talking. Today the concept of Mesh networks is one that is expanding. The first responders for Hurricane Dorian used the GoTenna system in many areas to move around and find people (in the Bahamas). It allowed rescuers to stay in touch in places where the cellular signal was degraded or blacked. You are limited to a 10 mile or so connection range between two Gotenna or Two Beartooth. But if you have it lands, you can cover the entire island with 40 of the devices. It allows better more effective communication than spotty cellular service does (in the case of disaster response when the cellular, electrical and other networks are compromised.


how smart is your TV

Alex Ledante commented on my post about DVRs yesterday and mentioned something that I was going to talk about today, the concept of the smart tv. The smart TV still makes me smile. In part because I always love when people throw smart in front of something.  It means many different things, and because of that, I smile. Smart appliances aren’t able to do more than other appliances normally, but they are not vampires. A vampire is a device that as long as it is plugged in, sucks power. Smart TV’s are vampires (always sucking power). A smart blender can be plugged in but turns off anything that requires power.  Smart appliances shut off, smart TV’s do not.

In the case of a Smart TV, it means a TV capable of running applications. There are a few notable Operating Systems for Televisions today. There is the AndroidTV, and the FireOS TV both work very well. I have a TV with each of the two operating systems. Both offer Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services. The Smart TV operates best if connected to your WiFi or Wired Network in your home. Now, there is a lot of hype on projection type for your smart TV. 4k, Ultra 4k, and 8k images are all available.  I would say the following the difference between the three types available now is cost. What you have to consider what it is that you want to do with the TV.

While the TV is called smart, it doesn’t adapt to you. I always tell people to wander to your local appliance store and look at the TV. I buy TV’s from Amazon (cheaper), but I watch them at the appliance store first. I have an 8k and an ultra 4k TV. The difference between the two TV’s is so tiny you really can’t tell.  A good friend of mine in Chicago owns three bars. He says the most important thing is

to see the TV’s in the same type of environment you are going to watch them in. He always asks to see the TV’s he is considering in a darker room.  I have one TV in my basement that is in a dark room. The other is in our living room, and in the morning the sun hits it directly. Image brightness is more critical in the light!

The last thing about your potential smart TV, will you ever connect your PC to it?  I use the ChromeCast for one TV It works perfectly. The other TV has an extra HDMI cable so you can connect to the TV. But, I have to say, monitors that include Smart TV’s that work better with computers, and ones that don’t are often something you have to choose!

In the future, I will share my thoughts on additional features that are critical in choosing a smart TV.


The evolution of what is TV

My brother-in-law was here and talked about the fact that they had cut the cord. I suspect we would as well but right now our cable bill is tiny. What I have noticed however is the evolution of television over the past ten years. I remember when the first VCR’s came out. You would set your clock on your VCR (it never recorded when the clock was flashing 12) and pop in a fresh tape. On a few occasions, we accidentally popped in a VCR tape with other content on it. Oops! The VCR or Video Cassette Recorder was replaced by the DVR. Now, if you passed a VCR tape you ran the risk of breaking the tape. If you pause a streamed, or DVR playback there Is no risk, other than filing your devices buffer.

What got me thinking about this was the reality of DVD’s, We have two Xboxes and one PlayStation, that is in the three rooms where we watch DVD’s or movies. Most of the movies we watch are streamed now, but some are still on disk. A game console, if you play the occasional game, is the best DVD or Blu-Ray player out there. Great device for movies, but you can also play video games on them!  I am going to ask that in a poll question. The other thing I noted yesterday was the reality of voice control. You can now say I want to watch a ROMCOM and if your device supports a streaming service all, the ROMCOMs will be listed. If you are on Sat or Cable, you will get a listing of all the ROMComs they have in their view on-demand service.

TV viewership has changed so much. Some people have moved to cut the cord or move to all streaming television services. Some people remain in the Satellite World. Others remain in the world of cable (when you get internet, tv and a telephone line for what you used to pay for the phone, it is hard to say no thanks to the bundled service! Now I am curious what lies beyond. Today many of the services allow you to move shows from your DVR to your mobile device (phone or tablet). You can purchase and store movies on Google (Google Play) or Apple (iTunes), and then if you wish and have the memory copy your movies to your device. It is I guess the interesting times of the old curse!