Phone Companies and Mortgage Companies

Why is it that in any other industry the customer service team is happy you’ve actually purchased their product or use their services – except the two above?

I have been thinking about this for the past week as I have talked to my mortgage company and have dealt with Vonage. It seems to me that these two businesses have forgotten that the reason they are in business is that they have and MAINTAIN customers. To me, I will never do business with Vonage again. I’ve had a couple of good mortgage companies over the years – but for the most part they are bad. I’ve had run ins with AT&T and other phone companies over the years as well.

Really I have to say (from a positive notes) I’ve had nothing but good experiences world wide with Tmobile. Their customer service is exceptional and frankly they really seem to care about me as a customer.

My previous mortgage company (and now I regret getting a really low rate during the refi) was great as well, Midwest Bank out of Chicago.

So today rather than lambast the idiots of the world I am sending a shout out to these two fine companies who really seem to care about their customers.

Will you listen to the tiny oh masive Vonage?

So while I am not trying to beat a single drum these days, I am very frustrated with Vonage and their customer service.

So frustrated that I haven’t been able to call them back for two days. I get on the phone with them and they tell me it’s my fault. So, it’s their fault that I am spending all my blogging time talking about how horrible their customer service is.

At some point I should start a campaign. Something designed to remind Vonage that their customers are what make them a comapny , not their VOIP Service.

You can build the greatest edifice the world has ever seen – but if the world doesn’t see it, it isn’t relavent.

Their VOIP service is horrible –

Their Customer Service is worse (if that is even possible and sadly it is)

So, for another day Vonage continues to suck.

Vonage again? Doesn’t this guy have anything else to say? I do – but this is killing me

wow is this sad. First I feel stupid for not distrusting a phone company – I’ve been trained not to trust phone companies my whole life.

Vonage however has portrayed themselves as a company that isn’t your traditional phone company. And they have some very interesting tricks that make them even more deceitful than a regular phone company.

1. They create a shadow or second number for your actual number. You have to cancel both. If you don’t cancel both they don’t cancel your account.

2. unless you receive written confirmation of cancellation – they haven’t cancelled your account.

The thing is a regular phone company is tied to your specific number (my phone number = everything the phone company manages for me). with number 1, Vonage is able to trick you into staying a customer and paying for their services – without ever using their services. It’s a wonder wall street hasn’t blasted them for this – services that they bill – pure profit and then NEVER actually have used seems to me like scam.

Anyway – my saga with Vonage continues. It’s a lesson to me – don’t trust anyone. Hopefully it’s a lesson to them – they have the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with.

My lesson learned out of all of this is that I cannot trust a phone company. In fact the only phone company that I’ve dealt with recently that has treated me fairly has been T-Mobile. I will never recommend use or have anything to do with Vonage ever again.

So we end where we began the last blog – Vonage is the worst phone company. Their service itself is horrible and their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with.

Is Vonage the worst company on earth?


In fact it’s more than possible it’s true.

I had Vonage service over a year ago. Cancelled it in September 2007. AT&T took over the line and number from Vonage.

I called and cancelled the service and of course like a good consume I ASSUMED THE MORON’S AT VONAGE WOULD FINISH THEIR END OF THE JOB.

Wow do I feel stupid. Doing my end of year accounting I noticed a large Amex charge to Vonage. Somewhere in the 1 year’s worth of service range. I called them, cancelling my service again. Only to be told they wouldn’t even consider a refund – IT WAS MY FAULT.

So I filed a complaint with the BBB and will post this message everywhere I can.

Don’t trust Vonage unless it is in writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have the worst service (i’ve since done other VOIP solutions that actually work).

Down with Vonage!