My name is Scott, but people call me Doc.

It’s a long story from my past (12 years ago) as to why people call me Doc.

Anyway – I am in the computer world as a software architect. Have been invovled in IT projects for the past 17 years. Before that I was a public school teacher in Bloomington Indiana.

I’ve lived in Bloomington and Indianapolis Indiana.

I’ve lived in various suburbs of Chicago (Evanston, Vernon Hills and Skokie).

I’ve lived in Bangkok Thailand (Soi 12 to be exact)

And I’ve lived in various suburbs of Cincinnati Ohio.

9 thoughts on “My name is Scott, but people call me Doc.

  1. I have time. Why do people call you Doc?

    Once upon a time, I had that nickname as well because of an algorithm I designed that had to take a doctor to understand. Then I changed jobs after the company was sold… I’ve also been ‘Bull’, until I changed jobs and also ‘Fred’. Alas, I still look like Mr. Flintstone…

    1. A long time ago my district at Microsoft participated in Sports Mind. During the event we had to climb up a telephone pole and jump for a trapeze. I am terrified of heights – but was able to complete the event. Our District Admin gave me an award “doc” the dwarf from Snow White. The phrase was “it’s not how far you fall but how high you bounce.”

      long story – short answer

    1. The DLM solutoin I’ve built is a document management system of sorts. It is more of the first step towards building a KM solution, but it would do elementary document managment in its early stages.
      Congrats on your move to Solution Architect!!!!

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