Boat safety Tech

I was looking for boat safety tech yesterday. In particular, I was looking for the personal flotation and strobe lights. They attach to your life vest, and once they hit the water, they create a bright strobe light. We did manage to get waterproof maps, an important thing to have when boating. Since. After all, you are on the water when boating, having waterproof maps can make or break your ability to navigate. The maps were of the Bay around Annapolis and Baltimore.

We also found the strobe lights for life vests, but they were a little more than I wanted to spend. We also didn’t find the new dog life vests we were looking for. The dogs have life vests already, but the new ones are a lot better than the ones we have now. Important that everyone is safe on the boat. That is why we don’t just have 4 or 5 life vests; we have 12. We won’t ever have a person on the boat that doesn’t have a life vest!

There are, of course, many other things you need to have. Your VHF (boat radio) has a number assigned to it (MMSI) that is critical. There is also the ERB, a beacon that notifies the coast guard that your boat is in trouble. It is not that I think boater safety is the only way to operate, it is just part of the fun for me. I want to make sure that safety is a critical part of anything I do or work on. Safety first, always helps you move forward. Technology is a great way to gain safety!


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Wandering to the boat show (and seeing cool boat tech).

Sunday (the last Sunday in January 2018) is the boat show, in Baltimore Maryland. We are wandering over to check out new boat safety technology. There are some things you can do that make boating even safer than it can be without the safety equipment. Everything from engine room fire protection to sensors all over the boat detecting issues before they occur. I will report back from the show if we find anything that is beyond amazing, as far as safety or boating technology.

There are three major boat shows in Maryland. One is called the Bay Bridge boat show, one is the Baltimore boat show, and the last is the Annapolis Boat show. We shared pictures of the Annapolis boat show late last year (October). The Baltimore boat show is indoors in the Baltimore Convention center. The first time I went to Baltimore was long before we had moved to Maryland, on a work trip. It wasn’t then, a very pretty city.

Since my first trip in roughly 2001, the city has started to be reborn. The National Aquarium is now in Baltimore, and they have cleaned up the inner-harbor area. If I were rating Baltimore on Yelp, I would have to take one star, parking in Baltimore is not easy, ever. Anyway, time to pack up and start heading over to Baltimore for the boat show. Oh yeah, and stopping by my sons all time favorite restaurant in Baltimore, the James Joyce pub!


I love James Joyce and the pub to boot!

Two really cool technology companies–and a discount for YOU!

As a technologist, I am often asked to join Affiliate programs. I don’t often, in fact, I mostly only join the ones that produce products that I find beyond amazing. I share those with other people because as an affiliate they let me share a discount.


The first of said affiliate programs is the one for Raspberry Shake. Again, this is not a fresh fruit concoction that you can make in a blender. It is a home, school or hobbyist Seismograph. Something I would think based on the two earthquakes in the western US this week, many more people would be interested in having around. Plus with the newest version of their software, you can see what other hobbyists see from their seismographs. My code RSEND17 will get you a 10% discount but only for a short time!

The other affiliate program that I am a part of is with Logitech. Mostly because I use a number of their products and they offered me a chance to be an affiliate. Logitech has so many products now it is amazing. Frankly, I use quite a few of them. The only thing I don’t buy from Logitech anymore is headsets. That is where I use the Jabra products! Or you can go to their shop and use this code a8MjHM.

I have found that both of these companies are a blast to work with. I don’t often post these as part of my technology blog, but thought today would be a fun time to share these. Again, I am very careful about who I lend my name to, in part because of the pain that was Indiegogo. When I recommend a product or a company, I use the product mentioned. I also am very careful about not hyping products that don’t exist. I used to, but again the lesson learned from IndieGoGo was, don’t do that!


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Just another cool tech (Shameless) review Nebula Projector!

I am going to take a couple of days away from communication patterns and anti-patterns to talk about a couple of other technology solutions that interest me. One of the things that I have long enjoyed and leveraged is the world of projectors. What once was something you had in a conference room, has now moved beyond the conference room to be something you consider well, anywhere. The reality of projectors is quite simple. They take your computer, DVR or another video out the capable device, and project that onto a screen, wall or side of a house. You can connect your phone, tablet, computer or anything else to the same device and share your screen.

The art of the possible has exploded in the past two years. First in the capabilities of the projectors. There are three types of projectors. The traditional ceiling mount projector, the portable table projector and finally the small personal portable projector. They vary in size and requirements as you consider them. The brighter, larger conference room style ceiling mounted projector offers the lightest output (Lumens) and can be seen in rooms with more light. The smaller projectors are more portable but don’t have the same light output.

Connectivity to the device is also critical. Some of the new ones have built-in device connections; In particular, the one featured in my cover picture Nebula. It is a great little portable projector that you can quickly connect to Netflix, Amazon and other video sources. At the same time, you can take your phone and wirelessly project to Nebula. Nebula is small enough that it fits in your bag, bright enough that you can project pretty much anywhere (not in daylight) and easy to use. I will do a full review of the product in the next couple of weeks. For now, it is amazing what you can get in a portable projector.


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Communication is a two way street…

I love the comments I get about communication. Some people comment – yes it is important to know who you are talking to, but others ponder the need to understand. Today’s picture is of the communication structure of a car, the gauges. When the engine temperature is too high, you run the risk of the engine overheating and stopping. Oil that it too hot burns up and you end up with less oil overall. The gauges are the car talking to you. Hey, you are going to fast. Hey, turn left here. Hey, I am too hot. Hey, I need gas. Communication is critical when your driving, boating or for that matter flying an airplane.

Can you imagine a pilot, getting on the plane’s intercom and saying “well folks we are going to make an unplanned landing, we forgot the check the old fuel gauge before we took off.” Kicking the tires and checking the fuel gauge of your meeting is critical as well. There is a component of this process I haven’t talked about yet. That is the reality of toxic combinations. What is a toxic combination? Ah, that is a sad tale at the very least. Toxic combinations are two patterns that don’t work well together or for that matter at all.  Or Anti-patterns that clash with each other. The bad news is the reality of who.

Who includes you, if you know for example that you don’t do well with Project Pirates, then it behooves you to not invite people with that anti-pattern to critical meetings. If you do, and they well pirate your meeting, the resulting frustration is your problem, not theirs. They are acting as expected. There are ways, however, to reduce the project pirate to a shadow, by planning every minute of the meeting and sticking to it. Start the meeting one minute early. Make sure there are no seats at the table so that latecomers have to sit on the sides of the meeting. Create a parking lot section of the whiteboard or a sheet of paper, The minute the pirate attempts the arrrggh let’s talk about something else, put that topic into the parking lot. Planning meetings is as critical as hosting the meeting.


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Communication can be very interesting…

Communication is funny, funny in that it is something all of us do, but it is also something all of us fear. No one starts their day hoping to deliver bad news. No one wants to be on the receiving end of the bad news either. Many years ago I was very frustrated after a meeting. I asked a dear friend and mentored what I could do. He laughed and explained that the person in question always did that, didn’t I know that? I hadn’t known that. It got me thinking and searching for the reality of patterns of communication. I realized very quickly that the problem wasn’t the patterns within communication it was the resulting anti-patterns.

Every force, every bit of energy created results on the opposite also be created. Knowing what your native communication energy is (Pattern) allows you to understand which energies will impact directly (anti-patterns). You see knowing what causes you frustration reduces the risk of that frustration. There are some patterns (over the years I have published 12-15 different partners) that people can have. Patterns all creative energy. That energy is consumed by the processor of the anti-pattern. But it is critical that you remember that you prepare for all the anti-patterns being in the room.

If you re ready for a project pirate to swoop in, jolly roger raised, taking your meeting in a new often not relevant direction; you may miss the Dancing Bears and their colored pens. You see while the pirate comes in and moves your meeting by force of will. The dancing bear stands in front of your meeting, and DOESN’T HEAR ANYTHING other than what they are putting on the whiteboard. The whisperer can suddenly take half your meeting in another direction, and you may not even hear them. It is the meeting organizers job to be aware of the human dynamics in any meeting room. Spend the time to know your audience!


(image is of a seismograph, but it could be a communication map. The ebbs and flows of communication are interesting!)


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Communication is more action than reaction

Do you communicate? It is a verb. A word we use to describe a connection. You can communicate with people. You know it is not with but at when they don’t respond as you expected. You can communicate with people, with people, and to people. The reality of the human condition is that communication. It is what, a few thousand years ago drew us out of the caves where groups lived alone, to larger and larger groupings. For herd animals, there is safety in a large herd. But a large herd maybe 3000 or so animals. Four human cities are more than 10 million people today. (Mexico City, Tokyo, New York, London and others).

We broadcast communication into the air and receive it (radios, cellular phones and so on).

We seek communication.

But we don’t always pay attention to the reality of the patterns and anti-patterns those around us use when they communicate. Why do we care? I had a boss once, who was extremely dishonest, and extremely hard to communicate with. He would use rumors and allegations and tell you they applied to you. I got away from him as soon as I could. Not soon enough but I did get away. The pattern he didn’t use was an honest manager. The anti-pattern he did use was alleged communicator.

In the end, there are many more patterns and anti-patterns than I have covered in the past few days. The link takes you to LinkedIn where I posted a few more of the patterns and anti-patterns, that I have collected and observed over the years. There are always patterns around us. It is an essential component of communication to find and notice the patterns. Sadly it is also important to notice, remember and when possible respond to the anti-patterns.


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