Life happens and apparently then messes up my office :-(

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After 5 years of talking about it, next weekend I get to finally organize and clean my office. I suspect there will be a huge celebration in the nations capital – as I suspect my dirty office and the economy are somehow linked.

One of the things I noticed is the wires and devices I have, that I haven’t used in more than 10 years. I still have all the cables needed to setup a 3 mac AppleTalk network. Why? I don’t know. I even have over 500 floppy disks still in the containers.

Some of the floppy holders I have to keep. I sold Slots (floppy holders) that were stackable when I first moved to Cincinnati Ohio. I ended up selling them to a couple of colleges in the northern Kentucky area.

I also found my old packet network modem and something like 20 coaxial cables. Not sure why I have so many cables, but then again not sure why my office became such a mess in the first place.

I guess life happens.



Crowd Sourcing Strategy

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I’ve been reading the book “Lords of Strategy” (thanks again Lewis you were dead on about that book). It is an interesting view of the birth and growth of the strategy consulting world.

This has gotten me thinking a little…

In the book it talks about the value of strategy consulting is that organziations can’t normally afford to have someone on staff that is truly strategic. Then I look at the various enterprise architecture forums out on the web right now – and they are pushing for EA’s to have that role. The thing that I wonder is this:

  1. An external consultant sees a lot of different organizations and is therefore able to present a broad view rather than an organizational view of the problem.
  2. The concept of crowd sourcing again comes to mind for me (many people looking to solve a problem rather than one).
  3. Finally the concept of how can one person know enough about any one business to be effective? The rise and fall of companies is pretty well documented. No one has ever stayed on top forever. All companies fail and all companies fall. They may be reborn with a new mission, but their old mission eventually fails.

It is those three things that tells me an ecosystem with one person driving strategy is doomed to become self selected into oblivion. Having the crowd sourced many eyes view to problems is the best possible answer.

I suspect that is a change in my thinking from 10 years ago – but then and again we all have to evolve eventually.


Diving back into business models

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The concept of clear communication. Why is it so hard for people to simply say what they want to say?

What does the concept of business models really mean? Is it how a business makes money or how a consumer interacts with that organization? I find that confusing in that half the world looks at it one way, the other half of the world looks at it the other way.

Perhaps I should stand in the middle?

A business model has to focus on how an organization makes money. Customer service, which is a component of delivery focuses on how an organization delivers the various components of the solution, product etc. that it is selling.

In this concept the “makes money” piece really applies to the services or products being delivered by an organization.

oh well…



Interesting cost models for the cloud…

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There are two cloud concepts or models that intrigue me right now. The first of course is simple and easy to see – the concept of leveraging cloud computing to reduce cost. Either via the sheer reduction of CO2 and Energy required to run a data center. Those are hard dollar costs that most organizations have been looking at the past two years and have strongly either considered or at least reviewed the possible savings.

The other the the more interesting concept is the reduced migration concept (deploy new solutions faster into the pristine cloud environment). While both of these models are “risk reduction” and “cost reduction” they are interesting.

It is the second concept that I spent most of my career chasing. The overall concept of building solutions that could be migrated to new solutions more effectively. The cloud environment allows you to spin up a solution quickly and if it doesn’t work, discontinue it as quickly (only out the monthly cost of the initial spin up). This presents an innovation opportunity for companies that have stayed out of the innovation space (due to cost) for awhile. You no longer have to eat the extra hardware if the innovation fails.

There are a number of other value propositions for these two solutions but right now these are the two I am thinking about…


A follow on review–Jambox

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Maryland is a no handheld phone state which is quite interesting. So I have been leveraging the Jambox I talked about previously. This is a great little battery run speakerphone from the folks that bring you the Jabra ear buds.

Speakers are an interesting problem. They have to sound good, but need to be able to, as a speaker phone, handle picking up the human voice as well.

They also need to be reasonable about road noise as they are normally not mounted buy loose in a car.

Jambox Good (after using it now every day for two weeks)

  • Great Microphone – filters noise well – one note, if you have your GPS on and are calling someone – they will hear the GPS tell you where to go!
  • Speaker is wonderful (I played an audiobook from it on my Zune this morning).
  • Bluetooth connections are great
  • The software including all the add ons – wonderful
  • telling me the number that is calling – awesome!!!!

Jambox Bad

  • Really haven’t found any. In the old days (various other car speaker systems) I always found a few flaws. Haven’t found one with the Jam box yet, but I have only used it about 25 times. I may yet find one.
  • Well actually It is a little awkward to find a place to mount the box in the car…perhaps a caddy?


3 new business ideas…

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3 business models that will rise in the next 2-5 years

(wholly my opinion)

  • Information Broker – an organization that provides information aggregation services to users and other companies/organizations
  • Information merchant – managed and controlled information feeds focused on specific core areas
  • VDI for the hardware/bandwidth broker – for people in low or controlled bandwidth scenarios – a cheap alternative to the bandwidth issue. They can “rent a VDI” solution that either:
  1. Allows the user to upgrade their existing hardware, without moving or adding anything. They simply connect to the VDI solution and leverage that for the “new desktop”
  2. In low bandwidth scenarios, the user connects to the VDI solution for larger downloads and other bandwidth intensive solutions.

None of these really exist, but all of them are solutions that are available today. The potential in the open market going forward is amazing.


Time in an airplane

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Building out business models today – always a fun task. (really). Long flight this am so I suspect I will write my blogs on the plane (which I am doing).

Plane blogs always feel more cramped to me. Although I feel more cramped as well – so it may just be the space issue of airplanes.

I am nearly 2000 blogs overall (hitting 1900 this week). I suspect I’ve written 10, maybe 15 plane blogs all time so its not really something I should complain about to much.

But then again what is the fun of being able to complain, and then not complaining!