Good news about Virily…

Let’s talk about some good news! There were a couple of authors that had an issue back in September and hadn’t been paid since September. They were both paid with the December payment. I am waiting to hear in fact, if the other 3 (it was a total of 5 authors) got paid as well! Good news that they got paid but more importantly, the admin team had promised me that they would fix it. They came through and fixed the issue that is great news!

More good news, I’ve been having a couple of conversations on things we as authors could do to increase the number of views on Virily. There are two types of views that being Virily user views (we get a direct payment for those) and guest views (we get credit for views but we do not get paid for those views). In the last changes to Virily ask for the admin team, I did include reinstating the guest viril for sharing, but for now, we don’t get directly paid. I did want to point out that Virily as an entity gets paid based on the views. They use a program called Google AdSense. You can tell it is the Google toolset because if you put certain words in your post, you will see ads for those items. For example, I like fishing. I would like to have fishing rods. You will see those in this post when you read it!

I got a great question form a user and I don’t know how to answer the question. I love questions that make me think. This question is one I thought I would share with the community. How are many active Virily users there today? Let’s do some happy fun thinking first.

  1. Active at least six days a week includes commenting and posting
  2. Active at least six days a week posting, commenting three days per week or more.
  3. Active at least three days a week
  4. Active one day a week
  5. Active at least once a month
  6. Active at least once a quarter

I will ask those as polls so we can start seeing if there is a way to come up with some numbers. When I first joined Virily there seemed to bet around 300 active authors. I know at least 100 of those authors are now gone. Some have wandered back to the site, wandered away again, and then wandered back.  Ellie points out that when you wander away, it can be difficult to return when the site Is full of negative posts. So let’s find some positive things. How many are active users on Virily today?

PS for sake of poll integrity only pick 1 answer! Pick the one that closest matches your active state!


wrap up what is wrong with Virily

First of all, a huge thank you for every single comment and vote so far. This is the last in my what is wrong with Virily series!

  1. Over the past six days, I have conducted two experience, One is ongoing. The other finished up yesterday. I asked six different authors to edit old posts. Four of them had posts that were not heavily commented or viewed the first time. The result was they edited the posts, and 5 of the six posts edited did not make it to the Most Commented list. They also only gained a small number of views. (if they had 40 views before editing, 24, and then 48 hours later they had 45 views) The reality is edited posts do not help you as the author.
  2. One of the posts based on my project was intentionally from an author that would be on the Most Commented list. That post was on the list right away. The gain as projected in my hypothesis, was around 18%. But, that post kept another user off the most commented list. When posts are on that list, they gain comments, views and increased interaction.
  3. My feelings at this point, please be careful when you edit posts. If your post that you wish to edit has 20 comments or more, you will make the most commented list and impact other authors. IF it has less than ten comments right, go ahead and edit the post! It won’t impact anybody else. I will caution you. However, edited posts do not gain the same level of interaction that new posts do! Remember that if you post a highly commented edited post of the past, you won’t gain a lot, and you do impact yourself, and other authors on the site.

One of the things that make Virily so special is the same thing that makes Niume special, and many of the other sites like this that have existed in the past (TSU is another there are many more) is our community.  I got a lot of wonderful comments from people in the community and have shaped the overall poll questions passed on the wonderful comments. I will leave you today with a thought raised by a couple of authors.

We have no control over most of what happens on Virily.

What we do have control over is what we post, what we read, and comments!

The more we comment, the more we help other authors.

Perhaps it is time for the 25 positive comment challenge. (leave 25 positive comments on 25 posts)! I know Carol, Lado, Vidocka, Ellie935, Ghostwriter and many others would have a head start. But we could do that!

Last 2 posts (to compare poll questions)

i edited this post to prove a point. It is important that we understand the impact of the edit button on other posts!


community input what is wrong with Virily…

More modified poll questions based on yesterday trying to pinpoint what is wrong with comments and views. One of the things that don’t seem to be making it from my post to other people is that being on the Most Commented and Trending lists drives more views for the author’s post. So when you see an edited post that is suddenly on that list, think about this, that post isn’t going to get as much fain from being there as a new post will. And honestly, it is preventing a new post form being on the list and getting that bump.  It is a delta of 20% to 40% in terms of the impact. For every post that is edited and jumps right on the most commented and trending lists, you cost other authors.

The example was tested this morning. A post was edited at my request (thank you!!!!), and that post was specifically not one with a large number of comments. It didn’t jump on the most commented list and so far, hasn’t gotten more traction the second time.. So let’s be honest, there is a significant value for being on the Trending, and the Most Commented lists. I will publish numbers tomorrow but the initial testing shows there is an impact. I am happy to provide numbers to anyone that speculates about this.

There were some very interesting takes on the lack of comments and views. I want to be clear, an author asked me a week ago or so, the difference between holiday views and comments, and normal views and comments. I would share some numbers that show where we are today.

  • Holidays 2018 to Holidays 2019 one to one comparison (mini movers project last year and just starting this year) views are down 30%
  • It is the removed guest views credit that is causing the problem (they have been gone since April) April to November, and views were up overall
  • The negativity on the site over the last month has driven comments down (I don’t have data on this hard to test)
  • The new comment limits have driven comments down.
  • The quality of posts has driven comments down
  • The restrictions on users have decreased comments and views.

I don’t have data for the last three but they very interesting questions. I am really curious overall as I have no way to track any of the last 3.

Current known Restrictions:

  • No more than 25 comments per day
  • Comments must be 20 characters or longer
  • Posts appear to be limited to no more than 6 (or 8 I’ve eight also) per day.

The good news is the site is getting stable after last weekend’s blow up!


what is wrong with Virily

There are few things I’ve seen recently that concern me.

  1. Views are way down.
  2. Virily is an ad-driven site. So if you see an ad blocker message, that is additional ad space being added by Virily.
  3. The comment limit is real and sadly, it was implemented because of abuse.
  4. The post limit is also real and sadly is also abuse related.

Last year around the holidays (starting around Dember 20 and heading to January 14) I did a short movers project where I gathered data. From 2018/2019 to this year, 2019/2020 views are down about 30%. That is a concern for all of us! Please take a moment if you do, share posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Somehow we have to get views back up.

Since Virily is ad-driven, the admin team is always looking for new places to put ads. Based on that, you will see the ad blocker on the bottom or top of your browser window. If you see that every single day, check your settings for the Virily site. The problem with blocking the ads is that the AdSense application from Google, notes that ads were blocked and Virily doesn’t get credit. As an ad-driven site, ads must get through.

The comment limit concerns me, in part because this is the second comment abuse change the site has made. If you got back and look at 3-year-old posts you will a lot of comments are Nice, Good, for a time you then also see the first 20 character limit comments where people used Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a way around the new rule. The new comment limit has to do with users continuing to game the system. It is an unfortunate situation. Remember, the behavior of the few always impacts the rest of us!

The post limit is similar, in that it is a way for the admins to control the number of spam posts.

I am trying two experiments over the next week.

  1. I will not comment on posts that people don’t comment on my posts. I am very anti-that rule but I have noticed a radical decline in comments. One week only, if you comment on my posts, I will comment on yours. If you don’t, I won’t comment on yours. Again this is just for a week. I want to see if this is part of the problem (the if you don’t comment on my post I won’t comment on your post rule)
  2. I will not for the next week open or consider any post that is edited. There have been many edited photos and I truly understand the position. If your posts have errors, you should feel free to edit them. If, however, the post ahs a lot of views (more than 100) or a combination of views (greater than 100) and comments (greater than 25), it remains a false positive. You go right on the lists (comment and trending).
    1. Edited posts on the most commented and trending lists gain about 10% more views and comment total.
    2. A non-edited post on the most commented and trending list gain 40% more views and comments.
    3. This is why I am not reading them for a week to see if, in fact, the data I’ve collected to date is true. I am not in any way condemning or saying do not edit posts. I am just concerned right now that based on views we have a problem. Please don’t defend editing posts in the comments. I am not against editing posts, I want to understand the impact that is having on the site.

My goal is the long term health of Virily! I am not condemning or suggesting anything right now. I am simply removing variables from the data I am collecting.


communication patterns

There are several things we as people say. One of the things that someone can say to me is, “I have an open mind.” In all my years of living, I have learned that when that phrase comes up, it is time to stop the conversation. People that feel the need to say “I have an open mind” do not have an open mind. It is at that point, best to walk away. That took me years to learn. It is hard sometimes when we are arguing about walking away. There are many communication clues that I track that is one of the big ones. That got me thinking about my long-time hobby of creating fun names for communication patterns and anti-patterns. There are many communication patterns in the world. From the world of software architecture, a pattern is a repeatable and reusable component of what you are trying to build. An anti-pattern is a reaction to the explosion of or the reverse of the pattern.

I have shared both the pattern and the anti-pattern many times on many different blogs. But I haven’t shared them in a bit, so here we go!

I have an open mind, and it is an anti-pattern. It is normally uttered by someone that has their mindset on the way things are. The pattern that corresponds to that is the question asker. The question asker tries to understand the situation by asking lots of questions. They don’t start with “this is wrong” they start with things like “that is interesting, tell me more.”

The likes of you anti-pattern, these are people that similar to the open mind team, has already decided that one side of the conversation is coming from someone that is beneath them, or below their station. I chuckle when I run into this pattern because most of the time, they don’t understand. The other side of the pattern for this anti-pattern is the “did I offend you” pattern. This person asks you directly if they believe they stepped on your toes, they apologize.


2020 tech predictions

Today a bunch of “future” blog questions in the poll. As has been one of my traditions for the past 14 years or so of blogging is my annual what is going to be big in 2020. This year we are heading to the perfect eyesight year 20, 20! Based on that, I am going to share the technologies that I think are going to be game-changers in this upcoming year. This year I am limiting the list to the top 4 because the four are huge this year.

2020 Top Tech

  1. The biggest mover in 2020 is 5g network services. 5g represents two things, what is called home and mobile. Home or fixed wireless, allows you to have a 5g signal for device sin your home to use. 5g mobile allows your mobile phone to receive and utilizes 5g signals.
  2. The next big mover this year is the devices that will support 5g. Today Samsung and Motorola have 5g enabled cell phones.
  3. Airplay projectors and the Android screen share enabled projects. This allows you to carry a big screen with you, in s small projector. Plug the phone into the USB port via a USB cable, and you can share your cell phone screen on a larger screen.
  4. AndroidTV is an OS from Google that is going to continue to grow in value!

Many areas of Technology continue to expand but in my eyes, these four are game-changers in the coming year. The Apple iPhone 12 will have (rumor) a 5g stack. Now, for a mobile device, there are two ways to have a 5g connection. The first is to use what is called a puck. I have a Verizon MiFi, a wireless puck that has a built-in Wifi network and connects to both 4g LTE, and 5g cellular networks to share data. You can also get a phone that has the built-in 5g stack. For the foreseeable figure (at least four years), you will have to have both 4g LTE and 5g radio stack sin your phone. I would also like to include my honorable mention list so that you can see the other tech I considered.

2020 Honorable mention

  1. All in one 3d printer (laser engraving, laser cutting and 3d printing)
  2. Translation devices such as Travis, the Translator
  3. Meeting recording technology such as Senstone or
  4. Meeting and note/whiteboard capturing such as the Rocketbook products.

I will be asking a lot of poll questions to guide some future technology blogs so thank you in advance for your time answering!

Link to my podcast


time to act–Climate Change

What can we do about climate change before it is too late? It is a very difficult question but many things can be done now. One of the things that many people can do is to contact (in the US) Vivent or Tesla and have a solar system put on their roof. There is no cost to the homeowner and you get electricity in your home for less than you pay the power company. Tesla and Vivint don’t have to transmit power over vast distances. That helps reduce the impact of your house at a very low cost overall to you. I would recommend if your neighborhood has an HOA that you check with the HOA before installing Solar. Many have rules against Solar Arrays, but the number of states that do not support those rules is growing!

The other thing you can do is a wind turbine, but there isn’t a company that does wind turbine leasing options today like Vivint or Tesla (formerly Solar City) does for rooftop solar!. You can also check and see what the Transactive Energy laws are in your country. If they don’t exist today, then vote for politicians that are aware of and willing to propose Transactive Energy laws where you live. TE or Transactive energy allows you, as a homeowner to produce more energy than you need and have the power company distribute that energy to your neighbors. It reduces the cost of your electric bill, and helps your neighbors by producing power at a much lower rate for your neighbors to use! A win-win for your neighborhood.

I talked before about watching for vampires. That is an appliance that is on all the time. Those appliances waste a lot of power. Many Virilians mentioned that they unplug appliances when they do not need them! But there are simple things you can do. Plastic bags at the grocery store or your local market are something you can cut down on. Many people use reusable grocery bags. But if you have to get plastic, that is ok, use the bags for something else! The paper bags decay quickly but it still has a net-zero overall value, as you have to cut down trees to make paper bags! Reusable bags get used 20, 30 or 40 times and if you can, that is a great way to reduce!

There are few birds in the US now; one of the big reasons is climate change. So let’s help this Cardinal have a better winter but making things a little better in the climate! Everyone can help!!!

seriously toxic materials in solar panels?

The payback for solar roof systems is not 125 years.


Declutter project

I am going to reduce the clutter in my home office over my vacation. Being the holiday season, I’ve decided to get my office in better shape. I am not good about cleaning, ergo the office getting in the state it is in, but I am going to spend a ½ hour every day for the next few days to get my office back in shape. I’ve already moved a bunch of older tech into the goodwill pile. Sometimes it is best just to give things so that someone else can use them. I tried to do this, office cleaning three years ago. I failed only because I ran out of time. I also failed because I tried to do this project in two days. I get distracted, and there are many things I would like to do other than clean my office.

One of the things I am going to do is actually to organize the cables in my office. I have a tub, waterproof, that has my poetry notebooks from years in it. I am going to do the same thing for my various cables. I am going to remove all the speakers in my storage area as well. I have speakers sitting in my closet that haven’t been used in more than three years. Time to get rid of old speakers. It is funny what ends up collecting around a house over time. The Comic George Carlin had a routine where he talked about the point where your stuff fills your house, and you have to buy a different house! It was a funny routine, but one that remains a thing I need to be aware of and honestly reduce!

The other thing I am going to do is get rid of the cables. I have too many cables. At some point, the number of cables should equal the number of devices that use those cables. Maybe, just a couple of extras. Right now, I suspect I have way too many USB cables. Ethernet cables are in short supply but that was because I moved a bunch of my home network to a new ethernet segment and need 20 ethernet cables quickly. The new Wifi6 solutions will be shipping soon. Between Wifi6 and 5g, the amount of bandwidth in and around your house is going to change. Having a cable network system (ethernet cables) and a wifi network may not be in the future. Tomorrow most likely, you only have wifi and 5g in and out of the house. Even then, you will probably only need the same number plus a couple of spares of USB cables compared to devices.

Time to clean my office!


Gifts for Techie’s 2!

More today from the gifts for the techie in your life series. Today most of the gifts are going to be on the cheaper side! I will break them into three categories around 100 US Dollars. Around 50 US dollars and then the last category under 10 US dollars I apologize to all my friends in Asia and Europe for not doing the initial conversions but that would make my post way longer and a lot more numbers!

Under 100 US Dollars

  1. A wireless mouse! I like the trackball from Logitech but for those who like the feel of a mouse, the Logitech mice are very good
  2. A wireless keyboard – same the Logitech products 2work well. The advantage of the Logitech products is that they pre-connect the USB key to the keyboard or mouse/trackpad so it is literally charging the device or add the batteries and away you go (after you plug in the USB key)
  3. Earth from Astroreality! It is a globe that allows you to interact via your smartphone with the planet!
  4. A one-year subscription to Microsoft Office Home (this can be installed on six different devices)
  5. A Logitech video camera for conference calls and web meetings.
  6. A year of calm, help your techie relax!

Less than 50 US dollars

  1. Don’t touch that it is hot! A digital thermometer actually allows you to see how hot without touching whatever is hot!
  2. Digital thermometer for the humans in your house. When you have a fever, is it the flu? Find out quickly using Kinsa if you need to worry about what is going around!
  3. A Samson Microsoft for people that podcast or have video conference calls! Great addition to any computer and provides exceptional sound!
  4. A Rocketbook reusable notebook!
  5. A Rocketbook whiteboard for any wall!

Under 10 US dollars

  1. What is the number one thing every techie needs, batteries!
    1. AA
    2. AAA
    3. C
    4. D
  2. Small pocket portable emergency charger for their phone!
  3. A laser pointer to torment the cat!
  4. A month of Calm (a relation program)
  5. Rechargeable batteries (AA, AAA, C, D)
  6. A battery recharger for the desk!

There are always things to buy for techniques. Batteries are always something techies need. Rechargeable batteries are always a good thing. I won’t ask today if you want the more expensive list, I shared that yesterday! A link to that post is here

Thanks all for reading!


Gifts for the techies in your life (part 1)

I had a fun conversation on another site yesterday, and out of that came an idea. The idea is what would you guy for a techie for the various holidays celebrated this time of year? So, I put together my holiday gift list for geeks! Or nerds or techies, whatever you are comfortable with calling or being calls if you are the person.

  1. A cellular phone car cup holder!
  2. A holographic monitor (that is right a monitor that can display holograms)!
  3. An AR headset! There are several to choose from.
    1. Hololens
    2. ANTVR
    3. Third Eye
  4. A VR headset
    1. There is the computer-based Oculus headset
    2. The stand-alone Oculus headset both are very nice!
  5. A 3d printer! (really expensive but lots of fun)!
  6. Moasure – a digital tape measure I mean who wants to measure anymore?
  7. Tiles – this is a Bluetooth enabled device you put on anything you lose. The next time you press a button on your smartphone and you know where your device is!
  8. Smart luggage! The newest craze is smart luggage! Not only does it power your devices when you cannot find a plug, but there is also software to help you with weight and other traveling issues!
  9. ARRIM a device that converts your phone into an AR measurement system. Turn any room into a scanner Artificial reality room.
  10. A laser pointer (like cats, techniques love to play with laser pointers)!

Just a few gifts you can get the techie person in your life. The last one is something they don’t give out at tech events anymore. I remember being at an event in Atlanta. A company gave out laser pointers as they give away. Shortly after their presenter started speaking, he had 400 laser points focused on him. Techies like cats love playing with laser pointers!

I realize many of the things on this list are a little more expensive. I would be happy to make another list of less expensive items if that would help!