Down the technology rabbit hole again!

I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks looking at exciting new technologies and their potential impact. A few of the things I have talked about many times, I won’t chase down that rabbit hole again. Those include portable projectors that allow you to turn anywhere into a meeting. The other has to do with speakers that will enable you to turn anyplace into a meeting room. I have also talked about rolling bags versus backpacks (I have a bad shoulder, so I only use a rolling suitcase)! It is interesting to note; there is a massive change in bags on the market right now. The concept of the smart wallet is interesting. But the newest idea is the concept of intelligent solar suitcase.

I won’t go into some of my social distancing ideas, including the new one I have called the 5-foot forcefield. Turn it on, and you have a non-crossable 5-foot circle around you.

Today I wanted more to focus on the office of tomorrow, in the sense that many people now work from home. The question I am thinking about today is, will people return to the office? There was a time early in my working career when the office was better for me. Better network better technology, and I was more able to get things done in the office. That isn’t true now. I suspect the new world order of working has changed a little. I can honestly get more done at home. There is still the “communication” aspect of the office that is a little harder when you are remote. I do miss the quick hallway conversation from time to time, where we have the chance to get someone else up to speed quickly.

But for the most part, many jobs that had a possible remote solution, have moved to remote viable. Likely simply means that you could do your job remotely, but the company didn’t support it. Now, the company argues it and more people are doing it! We always used to tell people if you feel sick work from home. You are just spreading germs when you come in.

The office of tomorrow may be in your own home. A few poll questions follow to see what people think!

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Making writing sites better

I promised the follow-up post from earlier (Saturday). I will send the results of the polls to the admin team on Tuesday around noon eastern US time.

  1. The top ask is we would as a community like Editing back. Not, the editing that was released last year. We would love to see editing again, but when edited, a post should keep its old information (views and comments) but should count as a brand new post going forward.
  2. Community asks would be for more communication =- the current suggestion we have is to add a banner to the top of the site that lets us know when massive site changes or little site changes are occurring. As a community, we genuinely understand that communication is not available, and we feel this would allow for more author satisfaction.
  3. We would like to see the site add Social Media style (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) style blocking. A blocked user cannot interact with you in any way.
  4. More transparency on new post-approval. People come to the site to read fresh content.
  5. A return of drafts functionality. Many authors save drafts and need that functionality back.
  6. We would love to see the return of guest view credits. We understand that there would be a maximum of guest views per day.

Thanks to everyone – please pick the one that is critical for you and the one that is the second most critical for you! I know there are many other things we would like to have the admins helps us with. As a community, these are the top vote-getters from the last two polls. I made this very simple. Vote for the one that is most important to you, 2nd most important to you, and then feel free to vote yes on the rest of the poll. As always, if there is something you want to add, please do so in the comments.

Thanks all, and happy Monday.

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talking about corrections and SpaceX!!!!

First, an amendment to what I posted on Saturday – views fell through the floor on Saturday. Fewer posts, fewer teachers, and fewer comments. You can always tell what the current comment rate is, by checking the most commented posts and seeing how many comments put them on the list. Today it was eight comments to be the lowest on the most mentioned list. Not sure what happened yesterday. Oh well, understanding the vagaries of the internet is always exciting, and hard to do!

Thanks to everyone that commented and voted yesterday!

I won’t be following up until Monday on asks for the sites. So it maybe a couple of days between the post of Saturday and the post that I will send to the admin team!

SpaceX completed its launch. It is excellent news for future space exploration. The US and SpaceX are creating a relationship between business and government. One of the things people always worry about is that Governments are not efficient when it comes to the cost of things. The private firm tries to achieve cost reductions and savings so that they are profitable. That mix of private and government will be interesting. Hopefully, between SpaceX and Virgin, the overall cost of getting things to space will begin to go down. Space Tourism is the ultimate financial driver for space programs being effective. We would not have cell phones, computers, or videogames systems without various global space programs.

I will end today with an observation.

Technology and the use of technology are not always bad. It is not still good either. Humans use technology. The human being is either good or bad in their intentions. But the technology itself does not have intent.

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Just a song before I go…

A few things from past blogs, I wanted to clean up!

  1. The reason for odd titles was to test a theory my friend doing the university study was wanting to be tested.
  2. The disclaimer at the bottom of my posts is at the advice of my attorney.

Some interesting things are happening on the site. The number of posts per day is dropping (other than a couple of authors). But in many cases views are going up. That is a perfect thing. Take a look at your last ten posts and see what your rate of views per day is (add the total number of views from your previous ten positions, then divide that by how many days, you’ve taken to have ten posts, then divide that number by 10, that show you your average views per 24 hours)!

Authors note: please note that the only way to maximize Virils on your posts, is to reply to comments on your posts. Be a friend – when people take the time to comment and respond to your posts, comment on theirs! (This is not demanding explanations, just only talking about the best way for everyone to earn more Virils).

The overall rate to 100 views has stabilized and moved a little. It was 23 hours for many authors, as recently as August 2019. It moved to 48 or more hours by the February 2020 time frame. It is pushed down to 36 hours for many authors in the past month. That is an excellent overall trend! Finally, I am as promised adding some things people have said bug them; as another, what can we do to make our site better post!

Please feel free to add ones I’ve missed in the comments!

The only way we as a community can move forward is together! We produce the content that brings viewers to Virily!!!!

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my cat ate my homework?

As promised, one of them sent a link to the post and the overall final poll to the admin team yesterday.

One of the things I work on often is the concept of software-defined. Software-defined is where software runs, manages, and delivers the overall solution. The site where you are reading this is a web page, but it has intelligence built into the solution. Sometimes this uses the concept of Artificial Intelligence or the idea of Machine Learning. Both the thoughts of AI and ML are interesting. Artificial Intelligence represents a series of mathematical equations to estimate what would come next. Where an ML solution does what is called pattern matching to take sets of data and return set results, AI can fill in gaps that are missing from a pattern or expanding a model beyond where it is.

So in the world of software-defined ML and AI solutions are expanding rapidly. For example, there are new AI voice capture systems. An AI system that allows you to speak to the computer, phone, or tablet and have that converted into digital. There are AI personal cameras that are designed to capture things that you designate (tagging specific people, and so on).  All of that uses AI to fill in gaps in information. Machine learning is used to have machines quickly catch patterns. So, where AI might look for ways to route network traffic, ML would be the execution of known patterns. AI would look for spikes and changes over time. ML would address known patterns.

All of these things will be game-changers for most people over the next two-three years. Now the next time you hear the term “software-defined” you will understand that the person is talking about software being able, by leveraging AI and ML as well as other techniques, make instantaneous changes to something without requiring human intervention.  As we move forward, imagine what can be automated that will make your life easier and things you wouldn’t want to be automated.

Have a great Friday!

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SpaceX launched on Saturday

The SpaceX launch planned for yesterday had to be scrubbed due to weather. A couple of people on another site I am on asked me why they had to reschedule from Wednesday PM to Saturday. The reason for that is what is called a launch window. It is very similar to what happens when you fly in an airplane. You notice that airports always have the expected time of departure with their flights. That is the window; when they have to delay, they have to get a new window from the FAA. For one plane, one aircraft that isn’t a big deal. But major airports have flights landing and taking off between 80-120 flights an hour. So when one moves, that impacts more than one trip.

The same is true for space flight. There is a lot of “junk” floating around in space. Much of that junk is known, the other part is the ISS. The International Space Station moves as well. So you have to delay the launch by three days—lots of moving pieces. The math to calculate all the moving parts between the two that drive the most (the ISS and the actual Falcon launch system). It becomes n exciting exercise. Let’s consider the fact that early in the US and the USSR’s space programs, all of the calculations for launches were done by human hand. The beautiful Hollywood movie “Hidden Figures” tells the story of the engineers who did the math!

I will be watching the launch on Saturday. I won’t be sitting on my couch with a  calculator doing the math. I will be crossing my fingers, though. I have sadly watched the three major US failures live. Based on that, I am always nervous when a rocket launches into space. Space travel hasn’t had an accident in many years.

As I wander off for the rest of the day, I will leave you with some fun space trivia in the poll questions.

Thanks for reading today!

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making writing sites better

Thank you to everyone that voted and commented. Overall, as I suspected, communication is one of the two hot buttons for the community. I will create a how to make the site better post this weekend so that authors can express their other desired changes again. Overall my only concern is the two no votes for most of the communication tasks. Not sure why anyone would vote no to more site communication to everyone. Overall for the first run, the number one top-rated ask is to update the FAQ for the site overall. The poll questions are in the order they were voted. Please select one of these as your top ask. Vote for as many as you would like and then pick one for your head ask!

I promise, based on the comments yesterday, that I will do a post on the other technical asks for the site this weekend.

I wanted to clarify an provide more information bout the top 3 choices.

  1. FAQ update, this is important as it is the initial place users can go when they are having issues. The FAQs haven’t been updated in a while.
  2. I am putting a banner on the page before significant changes are something that was done a couple of years ago. It notifies you of impending changes to the site.
  3. The final one would be a one-two paragraph post on the front page of that would notify us (authors) of issues and problems.

We are a community; we can work together to make our community stronger. Communication is a high starting point for us to continue to build our community.

I will send this post and the poll results to the Admin at 12 noon EDT Thursday.

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