Information SLA’s would they work?

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The cloud operational boundary.

Unlike an airplane in this case we are going to call it the point of known operations. Operations are difficult on the perimeter of networks as it crosses multiple networks and often within an organization multiple groups.

What line could be drawn that would allow for safe and secure operations all the way through the solution? Is that line comprised of a series of firewall connections? Is it the internet itself? What about solutions that go from the organization to the customer via the internet? Virtually every organization has some component of what it builds delivered via the internet. Be it information, processes, or even products the internet is a critical tool going forward for most organizations.

How then do we create a boundary that is acceptable? SLA’s of 99.9% uptime on one side of the router and 98% uptime on the other side of the router is a huge differential.

  • Can an organization offer a reduced “cloud” SLA?
  • Can an organization offer a reduced solution SLA between internal and external end users?

I suspect that the old adage (the store was closed so I went somewhere else) probably applies to these solutions a little. Cost savings are fairly common across a number of internet store fronts.

Some organizations have a unique ability – what they have is critical path information for their customers that they customer can’t get somewhere else. This however ends up creating a customer satisfaction issue if it is difficult or hard to get the information.

This brings me to my initial thought – information SLA’s. If I can solve your problem every time, would you be willing to wait for a lower SLA solution?



Does the game you play, make you less or more likely to talk to others?

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Looping together my conversations today. Communication and the games you play. I’ve talked for years about various communication styles and the way they impact the world around you. When you think about what games take from communication what is the end result?

Do we communicate more when we play games?

So begins the question that may in fact have no answer. The reality of the problem we are discussing is that people play certain games, with certain styles. Each style of course impacts the way they communicate.

I can’t win so I quit players seldom tell you when they aren’t playing anymore. This means if you are playing with them, they will depart the game without letting you know. in cooperative games where you work together – this can destroy your game. So how do you figure out what kind of player they are? before they impact your game?

Hyper-competitive people in the end always reveal themselves by the games they play (or the fact that all online, and computer games are “stupid.” They often have the I can’t win so I am never going to play syndrome. They also do not effectively communicate with other players – but they are very easy to identify before it is to late.

So does communication decline? Well with these first two folks yes, but frankly you know these people and they don’t communicate well anyway. They are always the first to talk on a call or in a meeting and don’t always pay attention to who else is talking at the same time or frankly who else has a good or valid idea.

Does it impact communication? With the first gaming types no it does not. They don’t communicate when they are or are not playing.

How do we get to a place where people communicate and cooperate? Well the first thing to consider is playing non-competitive or non-violent games. We will talk about that more, at some point in the future.


Green means I am not listening

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I have to get a new Fred and Ed story out. They are buzzing around in my head and they don’t stop until I spit them on on the digital recorder. I used to tell them all the time and they didn’t buzz around as much!

So still thinking about communication (and thinking about another book) but realizing that a book on communication (there are a lot of them) may not be the answer. How we communicate can be as different as the number of people in the room at the time of the question.

I wonder if there is a potential podcast or something else that could be done that would help people by providing the interactive piece of communication?

Or perhaps a button that like a mood ring turned different colors when you exhibit poor communication skills (thereby warning others when you aren’t listening). Green means you aren’t listening, Red means you are – that based on blood flow in your brain (vocal or oral) never receiving oxygen.

Of course I know a number of people that would take great pride in the fact that their buttons were always green (I’m not listening).


Facebook killed the class reunion

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Did the internet kill class reunions?

My father-in-law was very excited a few years ago to go to the 60th reunion of his high school graduating class. They were part of the great generation and many of the “boys 2 men” of the class went to war right after graduation (in 1943).

I went to one class reunion (my 20th) but it is interesting to me that in fact if you think about it, you connect to the people of your past more now than you did 40 years ago. I am friends again on Facebook with them. I know where they are (moving wise and career wise). There is no disconnection that a reunion could rekindle as I know what they are doing.

This leads me down the path of did the internet kill the class reunion? Many years ago it was a time of trepidation and “glory” for people. You rented a tux, you rented a limo and showed the people you went to school with how wrong they were about you then (and of course by default still are).

Now you friend them on Facebook and they know everything. In watching the movie “The Social Network” the concept expressed in the movie was that “The Facebook” was designed to help the people of Harvard (and later the rest of the world’s colleges) stay connected.

Where once we gathered every ten years to talk about where we are, today we post our status, share our blogs and our tweets every day.

Today is the one day reunion of my high school class (knowing that we had one yesterday as well).

The only delta being that a reunion (and for that matter internet sites like actually connect everyone from a class to everyone else. With Facebook you create a reunion of the people that didn’t pick on you or ostracize you because you were different than they were. It allows you to create the reunion you want of the people you knew.

It becomes the reunion you want not the reunion organized by your former class leaders. Perhaps it is the socialist version of what reunions should be (to each according to what they want and need).

I wonder what would happen to the world if you could make High School itself like that. But my hypotheses remains, the internet is or has killed the class reunion.



Question 1, continued how do we communicate?

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Let’s think about these statements for a second. Please talk to me. Please speak with me. Please clarify what you are saying. Please tell me what to do. Please notify me of changes. Please help me.

All of these represent the connection that occurs prior to communication and of course if you consider the requirements for communication the type of ask up front tells you the need the person has for the communication.

If I know what you need.

And you’ve asked clearly about that need.

How do I communicate with you?

What is in it for me?



A shameless review ASUS EP121 Windows Slate (whooo hoooo!!!)

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New ASUS ep121 Windows 7 Slate

Ok – so for a long time I agonized over an Ipad2 and a windows slate. There aren’t many windows slates out there and the iPad2 was winning. Then along came the new ASUS Ep121.

Why I love ASUS

I now own three ASUS computers. 1 netbook, 1 desktop replacement monster laptop and the new Slate. They produce quality is high. I love the ASUS web storage and the applications included with their devices are awesome. I have to say this up front because I want to be honest in the review. I really think ASUS has come a long way.


  • Startup is really fast (SSD drive)
  • The applications included are fantastic
  • I got the external ASUS blu-ray drive – easy to configure and use.
  • 64 gigs is a small primary HD (wow – and to think my first hd was a 10 gig external what a difference) but the drive is blazing fast.
  • Two USB – nice and close together so that the dual cords for the blu-ray drive can easily plug in.
  • Power suplly includes a USB charger! which makes having only two slots not as bad!!!!
  • screen is amazing
  • touch works well


  • Battery life – this is not going to bode well for windows slates but the battery lasts about 3 hours – maybe 4 if you are careful
  • Touch screen works well but could be better. Where could it be better? Having a full screen Ipad like keyboard.
  • Sales representative I talked to said “it doesn’t include a mouse and you need one” which was disappointing. Actually you don’t need a mouse.

This device takes what I love about my ASUS netbook and expands it even further into the realm of a very usable device. I am taking it to work next week to replace my livescribe pen, so will do a follow-up review in the next week or so.


More Communication Patterns

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In the quiet of a railway station (with apologies to Paul Simon)

Over the years I have talked about communication a number of times. Its years now in my blog rather than months or a year. That in and of itself is simply amazing. Roughly 10 people read this blog every day. Another 25 or so read my other blog every single day so I am communicating with someone and its not just myself.

Communication is the two way street where we find ourselves trying to connect with another persons ideas. It really isn’t as easy as people think. I know a number of highly successful people who frequently say “that person needs to come to me.”

Question 1, is there ever a situation where someone should come to someone else? Yes, but that is a hierarchy thing. The person in question (come to me) believes they are more important than the person coming to them. Its an interesting paradigm in communication as it never works well.

Question 2, its ok for me to point our your flaws but please don’t mention mine as you are most likely wrong. This is an interesting communication issue that crops up frequently where someone is happy to tell you what you did wrong, but they don’t want you to tell them what you did wrong.

These two little issues derail more conversations than any number of other issues (although there are a few issues that in fact derail things even more). I have thought about these for a long time and don’t really have an answer, I’ve just noticed the negative nature of the pattern.

The solution has to come from the person with the pattern.