More on the movers project…

I promised in comments for yesterday’s post to further explain each of the three groups. First off, the intent of breaking group one two and three is to gather information. Group One will have three groups if we get enough people. The first would be the users that only share posts for a week via Twitter. The second will be the group that only shares posts via Facebook. Finally, the last part of Group one will be the Pinterest group; They will share posts via Pinterest. Now, of course, it is easy for me to say that it is far different going forward to what that means. The first question is, do you use social media sharing on Virily today? Group one is only for those Virilians that use Social Media sharing today.

If you don’t share via social, you can still participate in group two; we will take about Group two tomorrow. Here is a very simple process. Group One users will log into the post and will share the posts they read via the Social Network they are in the group for. So Facebook Group One will only share the posts for other Authors on Facebook. The Twitter Group One user will only share the posts on Twitter.  The Pinterest Group One Users will only share the article on Pinterest. We will do this for four days. The people in Group one will comment, but the main focus here is to find out which Social Media site has the largest impact on Virily external readers.

Again, we will do this for four days. The members of group one will pick four posts a day, and they will capture the links of those posts and send them to me along with the time they shared them on Social media and the social media site they shared them to as well.

1. Log into Virily

2. Open four posts

3. Comment

4. Share via your group Social media

5. Capture link and capture time you shared

6. Send a PM to Doc!

That is it. Honestly, this will add maybe 20 seconds to your normal reading process per post. So for four days, I am asking for 00:05:20. I will check the links and the time stamp and gather information as to which social media site works. Please note that this is phase 1 of the movers list project.


A new movers list will be coming soon and Thanks!!!!

I am officially done publicly posting about issues and potential workarounds on Virily. The negativity is more than I can take, and frankly, I am moving on.

If I can help you in any way, please send me a message here on Virily. If I can help, I will help. I am not going to post publicly about issues and solutions any longer.

Instead, I am going back to focus on things that are important to me. One of those is the impact of authors on my posts. I have posted the mover list before, based on the current flow on the site, I have shared that list in the past. I will take a look again when the summer gets here and share the list. I am going to modify my criteria a little and will share the new criteria later on b4efore I start the new mover review.

I’ve started looking at other places to share my posts as well. The reality of negativity forces me from time to time to consider other options.

Sometimes you have to consider what your goal is.

Right now, my goal is to share my family history project. I want to share the pictures I have collected from the past. I would also like to share some of the old movies from the 1940s and 1950s that my grandfather took. I suspect I will continue from time to time to publish those on my YouTube channel.  If you liked the When Harry Met Sally post I shared yesterday, I did the extended version on my podcast. You can find that here end for today, I want to loop back to Ghostwriter’s Thank you Challenge. I want to extend my original with the following:

Thank you!







And so many others. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting.


Communication is not a contact sport

The twins and I have an agreement about their dog and walking. I didn’t enforce the deal with their older sister as well as I should have and they remind me of that all the time. The last time we discussed it, I asked the twins a question. “which is more important what you say or what you do?” I know from a professional perspective, my employer needs me to produce, or do. What I say may contribute, but what I do is what they pay me for. In professional relationships, I do suspect that is as much the rule as it is anything. What you do is much more important than what you say is.  But, I’ve been thinking about what people say a lot lately.

If you are in a non-professional non-work situation what you say matters, sometimes you discuss with a person, and they go “nuclear.” When that happens, you have two options. The first is to defend yourself. I think now however that defending yourself actually may only exacerbate the situation. Plus I have come to realize that my self-image doesn’t get impacted by what people say about me. Argue my points, make fun of my ideas that isn’t a problem. You see the thing is if I find your responses to be worthy I will argue. If I find in the end that I was wrong, I will acknowledge it. It is a part of communication to accept when you re wrong or when you have wronged.

The other option is to ignore the person. That if they attempt to interact with you, you walk away. Note of course if the person that attacks you attacks other people walking away doesn’t solve the initial problem. The reality of someone going nuclear is there are few survivors. I am standing in the way of someone going nuclear does you no good. But everyone deserves a chance. That is why I always respond to people not liking my ideas. I will never ignore someone that doesn’t like my ideas. When, however, that person attacks me, I stop dealing with them. Therein lies the ethical difference between a person that cares and a person that is self-absorbed.

Attack my ideas – it won’t hurt my feelings. Attack me, and I will walk away. If you apologize for attacking me, I will accept your apology. I will give you a second chance. Do it again, and I may or not accept the apology. Do it a third time, and that is it. I believe in treating all people fairly. I don’t attack people; I only argue with the idea you present.


advertising is interesting…

I was talking to a blogger yesterday via chat who used to write for Niume. There are a lot of ex-Niume writers out there (since Niume is gone forever, there aren’t any current Niume writers). We were talking about the struggle the site had towards the end. It got me thinking about the reality of creating and maintaining a blogging site. For example, the first revenue source, and for most blogging sites the only revenue source is the application of, use of and delivery of google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing or other internet advertising companies. It makes it frustrating at times as you log into the site and it is filled with ads. It is interesting into hat you can refer, in your post and when you view the post to respond to comments, check what being advertised is.

For example, as Google does searching within your post, they look for keywords. Is a drill, in particular, a cordless electric drill from Makita on your shopping list? It will be on the site when you see this post. Mention Sea Ray boats? See an ad for Sea Ray boats. Oh, by the way, have you tried an instant Pot? See the ads below, and you will see one. Maybe, in fairness I listed three products in this post, so who knows which one will be selected. I am going to put a bunch of products at the bottom of this post just to see which ones get selected. Amazon focuses on the last thing you bought, and when you add something to your cart, what similar purchases also included.

Targeted advertising is interesting.

Gallo. Makita, Yale.

I wonder what ads will appear in my post!

By the way, I am interested in what you folks think, not about the advertising itself, if you get paid by Virily, then you have to accept the ads. The only way they can afford to pay authors and keep the site going is to generate ad revenue. Niume was going to die before the creator of the site passed away. Its ad revenue was declining.

Let’s see what happens!


Remember the human

One of my longest friends in the world is a helpdesk leader. He has been in the helpdesk industry since, well since he worked for me 29 years ago. I won’t say I taught him everything he knows, because I didn’t. But I did get him started on his path. We were talking about the length of people’s fuses lately. You see when we were both starting on the helpdesk; we thought people calling had short fuses; They would lose their tempers and be angry in two or three attempts to solve the problem. I related my story about being in O’Hare airport when there was a long thunderstorm (being out in lightning with metal objects isn’t safe sot hey close airports). Flight after flight was canceled, and since I was heading to Narita (and had a couple of hours anyway), I waited in line. I had just qualified for premier (back then it was called 1k).

Standing there in line watching person and person yell at the poor person behind the counter made me sad. She, the person there, actually flinched when it was my turn to walk up, and I approached. I smiled and “you are having a tough day.” Remember the human in all cases. Right or wrong doesn’t matter if you hurt the feelings of others. You see, remember the human is the most important thing. No one is above that rule. The person at the counter took a breath and smiled back at me. She said, “so are you.” She found me an alternate route that would get me to Tokyo about 2 hours later than I was expecting, but I was arriving two days early because of that very thing. When you travel for a day, you should plan to lose a day as well!

Nasty, yelling and making a scene doesn’t help anyone. It is why I personally love that Reddit rule, Remember the human. My friend was talking about one of his helpdesk people. He was actually crying when he came into my friend’s office. The person had attacked him verbally, calling him names, and berating him. My friend actually got on the phone with the company where the person worked and told them, the company that person was no longer welcome to call. He, my friend explained the situation. Many sites have that rule by the way. If you are mean, they ban you. It isn’t a discussion they just ban the person. The most important thing in our ever-growing online world, Remember the human. There is no right or wrong. But there is nasty.


Building a tech presentation for schools…

I was building out my presentation (I am starting my school visits the end of this month) of cool tech. I am no longer, for safety reasons allowed to fly a drone in the crowd. The kids loved seeing their aces on the screen behind me, but principals tell me that is a no-no due to insurance rules. That is fair, so instead, I will show the drone, although I am going to ask if I can at least use a smaller drone on stage with me. The goal of these presentations is to get the future excited about the art of the possible and the art of the potential.  It is fun; normally they ask to speak for 46 minutes towards the end of the day. The first time I did this, they had me speak at the end of the day to the Seniors.

5 people could ask questions; the rest of the kids had to rush to the bus. I ended up with more than 100 emails with questions. The next layer I presented to the Juniors and the Seniors, but they left a half hour for questions. I still ended up with more than 100 emails to answer. I didn’t do a presentation due to my job requirements for a year. I started up again about four years ago. This is my 7th year in Maryland and 6th time presenting. In the past four years, I have moved earlier in the afternoon so that I could answer questions. It is also fun because now I get to present to the entire student body of the tech high school (Freshman – Seniors).

This year is the first year that everyone except for the youngest (freshman) have seen my presentation. I am going to have to come up with more dad jokes.

Here are the technologies I am covering this year:

  1. 5g handset networks (now live in Chicago and Minneapolis Minnesota. It will next be live in Seoul South Korea).
  2. Drones. I have to.
  3. 3d printers and the magic of the mind, to software to the printer.

I suspect I will work up a few dad jokes as well. I have a few, but you can always use dad joke backups or as I like to call it RAIDJ (redundant array of inexpensive dad jokes). You can never have too many Dad Jokes. I do keep and share a running tally of groans for the presentation and share it with the audience. That normally gets a laugh!


on bad news

The first batch of beer my wife and I made turned out very well. I meant to share a picture of the full glass, but sadly all that was left was a little in the bottom of the glass! It was our first attempt; we will get better!

I am often asked to review and evaluate new technologies. In that review, I always start by talking to the creator about the reality of TAM. TAM is a business term that is the application of realism. TAM or Total Addressable Market evaluate the impact of your product on the market. The TAM is always less than the creator thinks it is (it’s a billion dollar industry). Yes, there is a total market of 1 billion dollars. But you, as a startup have to realize you aren’t going to get 100% of any market in hours. You are not likely to get more than 20% with your first product. That makes your TAM 200 million not the 1 billion dollar mark of the whole market. The other things you have to consider is the other players in the space.

To have that conversation, you have to build trust. No one likes to hear bad news. I know I don’t and I know most of the people that I work with know, do not like bad news either. There are people that like bad news, I am sure, but I have never met one. Approaching the conversation with respect is always difficult things. First off, I’ve had creators lose their tempers when hearing the information I was sharing. I respect everyone’s right to get angry. It’s ok to be frustrated. Sadly the world has rules. How we lose our tempers is something people judge us or evaluate us on. Explosions happen, but how we deal with the aftermath is important. Being disrespectful is risky.

Having a hard conversation with someone that has a dream, isn’t easy.

It is, however, fun to evaluate the new idea. To look at early technology and see if it will fit.  I have been fortunate to be able to see some real technologies long before other people. I truly appreciate that. Its fun to envision what might be. The changes around us, in the world technology, continue to accelerate. What we have today, isn’t what will be there tomorrow. The whole reality of 5g is going to change everything. I think that in 5 years we won’t use computers as much. The tablet and the cellphone will become the devices we use. We will have docking stations that connect wirelessly to our phones. All of this because 5g is truly a game changer.