of scam calls

I got a really interesting call yesterday. It was a spoofed number. Spoofing is basically what a demon dialer does. A demon dialer is a software package that dials numbers constantly. Back in the day, you would if you weren’t a good person, use that to find modems. But now, it is used by sales and scams to find actual numbers. The way it works is it replaces the actual number they are calling from with a number from the area code and prefix as your phone. In my case, it means the call comes up 240 or 301, the two areas codes I use.  99 times out of 100 I don’t answer calls that I don’t know the person. But in this case, my cell phone rang, and the number was close to my wife’s number.

Well, it was close but off by one number.

In a cursory look, I thought it was my wife, so I answered the phone. “Hello?” I said.

There was a silence and then a click. I knew a demon dialer was occupying the line. “is this Mr. XXXX, XXXXX?” the voice asked.

“yes, it is,” I answered.

“We are calling you about activity on your bank account, sir.” The voice said.

Hum. The funny thing is they didn’t say what bank just that they were calling about the activity.

“I am sorry, what bank are you from?” I asked.

There was a pause, “ I represent XXXX XXXXX bank, sir.”

Interesting. I don’t have an account in that bank. Also, when the bank calls, they never say represent. Represent is a word that means something different!

I hung up, and I also added the number to my blocked numbers list. The thing they are looking for is me giving them my account number and any passcode. Here is an interesting situation. If you have a passcode on your bank account, they, for the most part, will ask you for it. But the account number, they will never ask for that. They will ask for other ways they can identify you.

The sad reality of scams is that they are out there.