The office of tomorrow

The office of the future. It is something that customers ask me about all the time. It is an interesting question. Many companies are moving to the model of no offices. When I was a kid I remember going to my dad’s office. He had a brown plague on the wall that says Dr. XXXX XXXXXX Science education department. I was always touching it when I walked into his office. The move to the new world order of cubes and open workspaces has been ongoing for the past ten years or so. The reality is that most people use their cell phones more than their desk phones. I find that I get 90% of my calls on my cell phones and a split (office and home) for the remaining 10%.

But the office of tomorrow is yet another evolution. The cover picture is of a MiFi, a personal device that you can take anywhere that has an LTE connection and WIFI built-in. It also supports a 5g convention, allowing you even more bandwidth. It is battery powered (lasts 4 to 5 hours with heavy cruise. The WIFI does pretty well, supporting four devices. Now, it is portable so you can take it with you anywhere. You can use it in the car, on the train (underground subways do require Cellular repeaters), and virtually anywhere you go. Like voice translation, you can do this with your cell phone. Most phones have a hotspot built-in. The reality of the built-in Swiss army knife approach is why the Mifi!

You see, when you are connected via wifi to your phone, acting as a hotspot, you really can’t do a lot with your phone. You are using it as a network connection. Oh yeah, and doing that, drains the battery. A MiFi does the same thing, but nothing else! You can use it as your network connection while you are on the phone! It is as I see it today, a part of what is to become the office of the future. The other things I will cover in the next few months. I am still building out what I think that the future looks like. I am fairly certain that their concept of a Mifi device will be part of the office of the future. At the very least, it will be part of the bag carried by road warrior (a road warrior is always traveling for work.)

I do know the move away from an office, continues to gain steam in the market!