Questions and ideas…

One of the things that are of value to authors on Virily, or the answer to the question why do I like comments? Is that when you reply to a comment, you as the author get 2 Virils. The person that read your post gives you the upfront (3, for galleries for stories, 5 for quizzes, polls, versus). The comment writer gets 1 Viril for opening the post and one for the comment.  If you read an article, it doubles your Virils to leave a comment. Not, by the way, that earning Virils is the only thing that matters. The only reason I am sharing these is to help writers understand the ways that they can get more Virils for the work they are doing already. I also do one to remind folks that if you have an issue that you want to see if there is a solution or workaround to adding it in the comments!

We are a community. The positive atmosphere that is Virily has picked up in the last few days. That is a great feeling because honestly, I love hanging out here on Virily. I did cut my time down to no more than 2 hours during the week, and no more than 3 hours on the weekend. This weekend I already blew that, but it is a different issue. Today I wanted to bring up a couple of discussion topics. The first is the editing of comments.  Specifically, once a comment is submitted, being able to go back and edit the comment. I cannot tell you how many typos and errors I have in comments here on Virily. I struggle (wrestle, ok, I hate spelling) with spelling at times.

The other consideration or thought is the ability to edit a post once it is on the site. These two things have been around for a long time. I don’t have answers just questions, and I will add those both to the poll for this morning. I will also add a few other interesting things authors have shared on the last few posts I’ve made. I love the brain trust! The best way to improve a site, any site is to reach out to the people that use it every day and ask them!

Let me end this morning technology post with a quote from my grandfather “when you release a smile into the world; it comes back as two!”