More on growing your readers on Virily

In a recent communication from the Admin team, I can tell you that they will not tolerate people using profane or foul language. Based on conversations with Alex, I can also tell you that they don’t allow some images on the site either. A couple of rules that are real and the admins enforce on our Site. Both of those said there are some rules that I have heard people have that aren’t site rules. But just be aware that some of the authors follow these rules, others don’t.

1. Reading and commenting is required for me to read your posts. (my rule is if I like your stuff I read it, I don’t expect you to read my posts also it makes me feel better but I don’t worry about it)

2. Leaving a positive comment is always welcomed

3. If you downvote my post, I will downvote two of yours.

So these two rules aren’t used by all authors, but many people do use them.  Upvoting is nice to do, but upvoting doesn’t change anything. You do not get more Virils other than the fact that to upvote your post hopefully the person read it. The issue with downvoting is an interesting problem. I would hope that our community is strong enough to understand that it is ok not to like the content. If an author posts something you don’t like, it is ok to downvote that content. I would love to see everyone work towards that goal and not retaliate. I have had 9, maybe ten downvotes in the past year. I do truly understand that it is ok. Does it cause you a little concern, yes? Did I get to the author’s pages that downvoted my posts and downvoted theirs, no? I know one of the authors that downvoted my posts, was from back in the time when I still downvoted posts. Because of that person’s reactions (they downvoted three of my posts) I stopped using the downvote button.

Let’s be clear upvoting or downvoting a post doesn’t change anything as far as the Virils that post earns.

The last thing for today goes back to the column posted yesterday talking about how to increase your Virils. Today it is all about Social Media sharing.

1. We no longer get a viril for the first social share. We used to (1 viril per share) we do not.

2. We also no longer get credit for generating guest views (again we did, but no longer)

3. The three options we have are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Personal, IMHO (in my humble opinion) I get the most traction (views) from Twitter. That said, I know other authors that like Pinterest and Facebook for sharing. The poll questions are focused on where do you share!