On ways to earn more Virils on Virily!

One of the things that I often find myself struggling with is the reality of posts here on Virily. I know, for example, that snappy titles don’t always make for fast reads. I do know you can post issues with Virily, or problems with Virily and you will guarantee more views than if you simply put A brief examination of issues impacting the reality we live in. Although I know, if you posted the last title, I would read it! It is the reality that many poets struggle with. What do I am my poem? I know that there are many reasons why posts move quickly. For example, we’ve talked many times about the movers here on Virily. Users, who are read your post will guarantee you 40 to 50 or more additional views.

There are also readers who comment, and once they start committing, other authors do as well. Every single comment, reply, reply, reply results in the original author and the commenter getting Virils.  The deeper the comment thread, the more Virils you get.  The big move is, of course, getting views on your post. You get 3-5 Virils per post view. The more you average (50 is a good bar to consider) the more points you accumulate. I posted a poll a few days ago, where I put the poll question at 500 Virils per day. Again I apologize. I meant 250. But let’s break that down by the math! You see it is really easy to say this is a good number of aim for, but let’s build a bridge that helps you get there!

• Gallery Post – 15 for posting, up to 4 for images (2) and 3 per view.

• Polls, quizzes, and others – 30 for posting, five vials per view

• Post – 15 for sharing, three Virils per view

So if your goal is 250 Virils per day, what do you need?

The gallery you start with 19 Virils. 250 – 19 is 231 left towards your goal. If your post gets 77 views, you will be over 250. If you get 50 views, then you need a combination of 81 comments, and replies plus the 50 views.

For a poll, you start with 30, that means you need 44 views to reach 200. Comment and reply generate 1 Virile for you, the author. Each reply gets you One Viril.

Post, 15 is the starting point, you then need to get 79 views to do 250 Virils per day.This assumes you do one post per day. You can also generate Virils on two or more posts. Two posts reduce your overall average views required and so on!