my review of ARRIM digital measuring tool…

One of the products I have been using a lot is the ARRIM device. It is an Augmented Reality measuring device. The easy answer to why is I am trying to clean my office. Augmented Reality, as you can see in the picture shared with this review, allows you to look through the camera of the phone. Then, you can use their adapter to create measurements of space. I didn’t measure my office yet but did measure my basement sitting room. I have speakers (record player, I know really old tech) and a comfortable couch to relax there. I measured because I wanted to see if I could move the heavy table from the other room, into space.

With ARRIM, I was able to measure (and find out I couldn’t move the heavy table). The software is straight forward. They have a USB Micro, USB-C and a Lightning connector. That means you can attach the device to any phone. It flips the screen horizontally and allows you to pick the area or part of the room you wish to measure. It uses the laser in their attachment, to measure. So you are getting a true laser measurement of space.  It, the AR measuring tool, uses that laser, so it worked indoors or outdoors. Although I will caution you of two things. In really bright sunlight it takes a little bit of adjustment for the human, the laser works either way.

Simple process – attach the ARRIM system. Launch the software. Point the camera of your device towards what you want to measure. Line, a square or whatever, They also have pre-built templates in the software!

Oh yeah and if you measure something with Dylan around, he would pounce on the laser!

• Review question 1:

• Would you carry this in your bag? Yes, I do!

• Review question 2

• Is the software easy to use? Since it just a laser and your phone’s camera it is point and shoots!

Overall I give ARRIM a 10 out of 10