my love of science…

When I was a kid, I used to go to my dad’s office. It was a magical place, filled with all sorts of cool things to investigate. My love of astronomy comes from going to my dad’s office as a child. My love of science and the discovery model is more related to my father than any visit to his office. I still have several scientific instruments that I use all the time. Close up cameras for coins. You have to see the coin face to know if it has been damaged or cleaned. I have a Microscope that I use from time to time to examine motherboards. I am more likely to use the close-up camera for that, but sometimes I need to see an even larger presentation of something small.

The other side of small is big. It is funny, computers and cellphones got smaller, but monitors continue to get larger. The other side of monitors is the growing reality of projectors.  I watch the projector market, honestly because of the changes and the amazing new capabilities. I have been using the Capsule Projector from Anker for more than a year now. It is in its second release (Capsule II) and honestly continues to get better and better. It is using Android TV, which, as long as your project has Wifi connectivity, means you can watch anything on your device, without using your Cell Phone. That is one of the things that I suspect I am in front of compared to most people.

The concept of burning phone battery is something I remember from the early days of the smartphone. The reality of what you can do with your phone means more and more of your battery will be used. Having a portable projector allows you to use your phone while watching the movie. It saves your battery and also doesn’t force your phone to do a lot of processing.

As people move away from traditional “corded” devices (cable tv, home telephone), there will be more an more drain on your phone’s battery. The future will be a quick plug charger or wireless charging to keep you near 100%.