is there something missing?

I have been considering (thanks to Ghostwriter) the impact of Virily on my life. I know that every day I log in to see beautiful pictures (often purple, Thanks Kim) from Carol, Pam, Lado, and Vidocka. I get beautiful creations to view from Alex and Jenna. I also get thought-provoking posts from Albert and many others. Before Virily I got similar information and interaction from Niume. I love the interaction that is created and grows with posts. But I am wondering now; my recent posts have been all over the map. I’ve talked about dream incubation, and I’ve talked about picking a digital camera or a film camera if you so prefer. Or, are you one of the growing numbers of people that choose cell phone camera first.

I wondered this morning if I was seeking something. I have a really good friend who always says “head, pocket, then start looking” He was referring to the process he undergoes to find his glasses. Well, at least that was the genesis of him saying that now whenever someone says they are seeking something he always says that. It makes good sense. Always check your head and your heart as you consider things. Always check around you (pockets). My grandfather always used to say “You always find things in the last place you look.” I remember the first time he said that to me, I looked at him quizzically. I didn’t get it the first time; I did the second time but not the first time.

What is the last thing you looked for?

Did you find it?

In the movie, the fugitive Tommy Lee Jones’ character says when looking for the “Fugitive” “do a hard target search.” What is a hard target search? I have wondered that ever since I first heard it. I guess to end this ramble, for that is what it is, I would say this. I am searching for something. I know I am, I don’t know what it is that I am searching for. I don’t know what the target is, be it hard or soft. I don’t know where the last place to look is, or I would just look there. Instead, I am wondering, wandering and seeking. What I am seeking I do not know. I just know something is missing.’