There are a lot of social sites, which one is the most effective?

As promised a few days ago I’ve been watching the social media posting from Virily. I picked random people I read and split my two posts. I only shared my family history project for five days on Facebook. I shared everything else on Twitter (including the other blogs I read on a daily basis). Out of that, I have come to the following simply conclusions (again this is not a scientific view, I would need access to the actual information from the Virily site to give you more than supposition). Please note that this is where my posts are and the people I read. I feel like one of those drug commercials on TV, in the end, they have to tell you all the side effects of the drug. Sometimes my wife and I sit there and wonder, with the adverse side effects why to take the drug in the first place.

First, Twitter moves the needle a lot more than I expected. Two, to even three times as many views per post than Facebook.

  1. Average (reading 10 and sharing)                          10 views Facebook 30 views twitter

I have also received 11 private messages with the following additional requests

  1. Share the negative poster list (I will not do this one)
  2. I have not gotten paid (i posted about this as well already)

What I will do is share, as promised my initial social study. Again, this is very squishy data. The way I collect the data is to share the post, and then literally refresh the browser and watch the change. I started off watching the posts; I know for example that my family history post has more connections on Facebook, so I started thinking, and I will now actually reverse this. I will post family history on Twitter and my technical blogs on Facebook to see what the difference is overall.

I am also tracking the impact of influencers. A couple of the current list of influencers don’t read my posts right now. I am watching to see if the influencers impact other influencers. I am also going to consider asking a couple of the regular readers (influencers) of my posts do not read for a couple of days and see what that would do overall to my views.

The initial findings (5 days) of the two influencers not reading my posts is that my views are the same as they were before.


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