How did you learn to type?

I posted this on MyLot earlier, the concept of where did you learn to type computer or typewriter. I learned to type on my father’s Royal Typewriter. Just like the one in the picture. I found that typewriter on Etsy. I wanted to have one like the one I learned on. It is not an electric typewriter although I did have one of those as well. It was a manual typewriter. I have three now. I have two portable typewriters, one modern that I use for envelopes and one that was my fathers. The one that was dad’s was a Royal Portable from a long time ago. The last typewriter I have is the one in the picture! As much at times to honor my father, but also because I loved learning to type on the typewriter. I now, with the delete key can type on my computer around 70 wpm. I remember taking a typing class in High School (my father’s an idea at the time) and getting up to around 50 wpm. I am a much better typist now than I was as a senior in High School.

The evolution of the keyboard from the manual, to the mechanical and now the chicklet, has been interesting. I find that if you like a keyboard or keyboard type, keep it! You can type faster on an keyboard you are comfortable with than one you don’t like. I don’t, miss the typewriter. I am not one of the world’s better spellers. I suspect I am one of the not good spellers in the world. Based on that I much prefer the computer, where my many creative spellings are caught (mostly) before I share my posts! If you look at the typewriter itself in the picture, you will notice that there is a page with the little “The Great American Novel,” from the contest. I love the bad opening line contest. I have submitted entries many times. I have never won, but I love the concept. I wonder if I would be overjoyed in winning that contest for dismayed that the editors felt my opening line was the worst opening line that year. I guess that is one of those enter and hope you don’t win contests.

Typewriters and pens have been a long love of mine. I love writing with a pen, and I love typewriters. I don’t often type anymore, but I do from time to time. I remember the days of learning. I do miss that old Royal of my dad’s but more because at this point I miss my dad.


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