Tech Wiz on Think Board X and Rocketbook!!!!

First, as a follow up to my review yesterday, I wanted to share two things. The first (click here) is a link to the Rocketbook site. The second is that you can buy Rocketbook products on

Having a flexible whiteboard is truly of value. I like the 8.5 by an 11-inch version of the Think Board X.  It allows for the creation of smaller, portable whiteboards.

Follow on reviews for the Jabra Evolve headsets. I have two, one for my PC and one for my Cell phone. The wireless headset offers Bluetooth connectivity and noise canceled microphone and headset. The USB connected evolve does the same thing. I use them virtually every day, and I find them to be the most effective tools for conference calls I’ve ever found. Speakers are nice, but being able to walk around more with the call, is critical.

In cleaning out the stacked portion of the basement, I did find my Miracle Remote. One of the very first universal remote controls made. It was built on the Pocket PC OS. A lot of the crew I worked with in Cincinnati Ohio bought one. I had it set up and was using it as recently s 2005. It isn’t hard to use remote and remains a treasured memory. It is funny what is important over time.

We have a universal remote now, that does a lot more than the old Harmony Remote did. But the connected devices you do, can and may control is a lot more than it was back in the late 1990s when the Miracle was first released.

I also found a couple of HDMI devices on my office TV that I had forgotten about. The original AirTame (that has been replaced by the new version of the product) and the original Chromecast. I need to spend some time over vacation cleaning out and selling a number of items on eBay that I have been pack-ratting for a while now. My answer has been pushing it to the back for a while, I need to stop that.

Nothing like a high tech wander on Saturday!


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