Tech Wiz on Connections

I got caught up on two reviews over the past two days. The Jabra Evolve 75 headset and the Chromecast Ultra screen adapter. I have a few more to catch up on, but that will take some more time. I also have several pending movie reviews, but those aren’t technology related so let’s move on! One of the things I have been using a lot lately is the various add-ons for my iPhone. The FLIR add-on is interesting. It allows you, as you can see in the cover picture to take an image of actual heat. My goatee is cooler than the rest of my face. I find that technology incredibly fun to play with. This is critical when you consider heating and cooling your house. It is a really useful tool.

Four years ago I took a winter picture of the windows in our house. In particular, the front of the house felt cold. I tool IR pictures of the windows, and in the middle of the winter, they were blue. Blue is cold. The air around the windows was cold. The dogs loved it in the winter; their perch was cold.

But regarding heating and cooling our house, it cost us more than 100 dollars per month to have leaky windows. We had the windows replaced, and images now aren’t blue in the winter. Plus, when I have to pay the bills at the beginning of the month, I am no longer blue, either!  There is any number of other things you can do to keep your house warm in the winter, but new windows make a huge impact!

There are many other connections you can make with your phone. Cellular, wifi, Bluetooth and direct are the four connection types. Cellular is most likely the most portable in that there are places in the world where there is no wifi but your cell phone will still work. Wifi is the next most portable in that you can be around 400 feet or so (depends on the number of walls and type of walls) from the broadcast site. The next protocol is Bluetooth, and now you have about 30 feet between you and the transmitter. Finally, direct connected devices have 0 range beyond the device but can be used quickly. The reality of connectivity is continuing to expand. Now, I need to figure out what I am going to need (AI) before I leave so I have the right things in my bag!


Tech Wiz