Tech Wiz review Chromecast Ultra!

I got a Chromecast when they were first available. I think that was more than five years ago now. I recently upgraded to the new Chromecast Ultra. I added it to the TV in my office so that I could quickly share slides and other content in a protected mode, without having to leave my office. Plus, with a wireless keyboard and mouse, I can sit and watch the TV in the corner of my office, and be working on diagrams and documents. It lets me have multiple monitors focused on content. The Chromecast is simple; you can project anything from Chrome (google docs, etc.) or your drive to the Chromecast. The Chromecast then converts the signal and puts it on the TV.

It is part of the Screen as a Service concept I’ve posted many times. It is also a quick and easy way to quickly view things on display rather than a monitor. Monitors are built to see and share computer information. TV, projectors are not always optimized for your computer display. I like to test and verify that my content would be properly displayed on the “projection.” Functionally it is important to see how your slides look on the display screen. The other thing I can do is watch video training materials in my office on the larger screen. I’ve looked at a lot of the systems for screen sharing. Samsung has built-in screen sharing you can use on their TV’s as well.

(Keecker has an integrated Chromecast support so you can roll your screen to any room).

Setup of the new Ultra was incredibly easy. Once I unboxed it, I simply plugged the HDMI into the back of the TV. Then plugged the power supply in and connected the two. The onscreen setup involved telling you to download Google Home (I already had Google home installed, so that was easy). It took me about 4 minutes to set up the new Chromecast and to start sharing my screen. I’ve used it with my iPhone, my iPad, and my Android Tablet. There is something nice about being able to see your phone on a larger screen. IT certainly makes it easier to play Bejeweled! Chromecast is a nice addition to your TV if you ever need to share to a bigger screen. I give Chromecast Ultra a 9 out of 10!

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