Jabra Evolve 75 Headset!

There are four things I enjoy having and using. They go with me in my bag and are things I depend on. For example the Jabra Evolve 75 wireless headsets. I use my cell phone all the time. First, I do have in the earbuds. The PaMu and Pilot earbuds are with me most of the time. But when I am in a place where I need to hear, talk and communicate with people and it is loud around me, it is the Logitech headset. Without further adieu, my review of the Evolve 75 headsets.

  1. You can easily connect the headsets via Bluetooth to your computer, phone or tablet.
  2. They are over the ear headsets.
  3. The microphone flips on the front of you or can flip up onto the earpiece if you are listening and not talking.
  4. It ships with a hard case, easy to store and carry.
  5. It has an audio in jack so you can use them with virtually any audio out device.
  6. The headset is noise canceling.

First off, it works with or without the Jabra software installed. It works with Android phones, iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs. I’ve used it with all of them. For music, they are noise canceling. For voice conversations, both the earphones and the microphone are noise canceling. That means you can be in environments that are louder and still be able to hear and be heard without adding a metric crap ton of extraneous noise to the call.

They are adjustable for any head size! They fit nicely under a hoodie in the winter (I wear one while walking). The mute button is on the headset and easy to use. So is the volume up or down button, located on the earpiece.


Tech Wiz