There is more than we see (IoT)

There has been an internet since the early 1990s. Originally created by a group of scientists at CERN with the intent of sharing the results of numerous scientific experiments rapidly. It continued to expand and by 1996 it had changed not only the course of mighty companies (Microsoft and IBM) but forever changed the computer industry. The internet and its now nearly ubiquitous HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is and has changed the world of connections. The Internet of Things or IoT is the next step in that evolution. The connection of anything and everything to anything.

Beginning in 2014 I began blogging not only about the IoT itself, the expansion of the internet to sensors and beyond but I also introduced the different modes of IoT objects as well. The initial definition was that of Stayable Technology, Wearable Technology and finally Portable Technology resulting in the Internet of Things or IoT.

If you think about the concept of portable devices they have changed radically over the past few years. From 1998 to 2010 I traveled all over the world as a consultant. In traveling all the time I kept an electronics suitcase filled with the things I always needed when I was away from home. A weather meter, a printer, speakers, XM Radio, Hard drive, and other critical components. Now I can replace most of those with my iPhone and a printer.

Wearable technology is a reality that sprang up in the past few years in particular with the Smartwatch and Fitness monitoring device. I like to look ahead for uses of technology.

Stayable Projects that in the end will be not only impactful but also game changers. Jibo is one of those projects. is their site. The project includes several things that I think will make it extremely valuable. Jibo is autonomous in the sense that it can operate within its parameters without requiring significant set-up (well that is the project goal at the very least). That makes it ideal as a companion for older folks living alone. They may not be as technically savvy as others but a pre-configured Jibo can be placed in their homes to provide oversight.


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