Tech Wiz on upgrades oh yeah and digital pictures…

iOS 12 and Watch OS 5 released yesterday. I didn’t rush to download and install them yesterday because, well I forgot. I did this morning manage to update all my apple devices (other than my mac). The iPhone and iPad update were fast and easy. I was curious to see a couple of new applications that I will play with a little more. Continue on your PC popped up that was interesting. The voice memo also popped up, also interesting. I use the voice memo when I am in the car and need to capture a phone number from voicemail. Normally I haven’t used the functionality for other things but may try the new version just to see what the gain is. I still have the painful memories of updating my PPC phone.

That said I thought I would share my process for upgrading. The first thing I do is a full backup of the system being upgraded. That is so that I can do a restore. Then I start the upgrade. When the upgrade completes, I do another backup since the upgrade changes the OS. It is a simple process but sticking to it helps you in cases of recovery, just in case.

Backing up your phone and pictures becomes more and more critical as we move down the path of smartphones.

Of the last 2000 pictures I’ve taken, nearly 30% of them have been done with the cellular phone camera. Now, I know I am low and that there are many people that don’t even have digital cameras. So the 500 or so cellular phone pictures I’ve taken may be high for the last 30 days. In part because I went to a wedding and a couple of other family events in late August/September.

How many pictures do you take a month?


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