Amazon Alexa, people and YouTube!

Sort of a side note, sometimes, well at least I do, you meet ½ a couple. You struggle to like the person. Then you meet the other ½ that couple of you realize watching the second half why you didn’t like the first person in the first place. At least now you know you don’t like both of them.  I can count on one hand the couples I don’t like. I can now add one more to that list. I guess I need a second hand now. The reason I am writing is it bothers me to feel that way about people. But I also know there are some people you just don’t like, and that is ok.

From a let’s get away from people, and to the safer reality of technology, I found out something interesting over the holiday weekend. First off we take a lot of Digital Pictures. I took a video of the snow falling on Christmas Eve; we had a white Christmas, I don’t remember the last one, although I suspect it was a few years ago. The family YouTube channel is mostly where I share the yesterday’s weather feed. Interesting problem, I have one video camera, and I forgot it for Christmas pictures. I ended up shooting video with my cell phone, and my Olympus handheld camera. I promised myself to make a better effort to carry my care more

I also didn’t take the SMOVE so I couldn’t try the video stabilizing process. One of the things I am focusing on this year regarding my technology posts is mapping to things other people need. We gave my mother an Amazon Echo Vision for her house as a family this year. Why? Well, mom is pretty technology adept, and she likes to keep in touch with people. We had it setup and running in her living room in about 5 minutes. Mom was using it and having fun with it in about ten minutes after that. At first, she was skeptical, but with no frame of reference, it is hard to ascertain the value of something. Now, she loves it. My nephew gave her the connect system (that I reviewed two weeks ago) that lets you connect Alexa to your home phone line. Mom was happily away and calling people by Christmas Afternoon!

It was a great day, with lots of things shown and learned.

We actually called mom Tuesday when we got home from Indiana on our Alexa. From our Vision to her Vision!