More details on my new tech review process

As the year winds to a close, I will be posting as I have for the past few years, my big trends of 2018 post. I should have it ready by Thursday or Friday of the coming week. Overall my prediction rate and ultimately how good my predictions are sat around 60%. I have missed on a few technologies that I honestly thought were going to be bigger than they ultimately were. I guess that is part of the prediction game. I try to get it out before New Year’s Eve, that seems only fair to predict in 2017 what 2018 will bring.

I posted yesterday my new review guidelines. I am open to suggestions from readers. I got a suggestion via email to review a technology, but frankly, I am not going to buy an Android phone just to do a review of that technology. Any other suggestions are of course welcomed, as long as I don’t have to spend 500 dollars to do the review. I draw the line at reviews at that cost unless honestly I already need the item being reviewed.

Planned reviews for next year starting the first week of January
  1. Tascam Digital Audio recorder
  2. Sonos One (with Amazon Alexa)
  3. Keecker Homepod
  4. Eora 3d scanner
  5. Trident ROV

All of these reviews pending the items arriving in my hot little hands. I will not waste your time with an unboxing video. I will post more videos of actually using the devices. However, that was something a reader requested. Also, installing the software is another request from a reader. I will start adding those to my YouTube channel and sharing the link to the review blog as well. Lots of changes in my technology blog for next year!