Follow on from Yesterday’s talking speaker post :0(

My apologize for yesterday’s post, the table which looked perfect in my pre-publication and draft publications looks like crap now that it is published. The easy button answer to yesterday’s high-level initial testing is included below (adding in a couple of other voice recognition players):

Siri – best for interacting with an iPhone or iPad. Siri struggles with complex operations. Siri does well with media. Siri is integrated with other IoT and technologies. Siri is the worst performer when it comes to ambient noise.

Cortana – On a Windows 10 device, Invoke speaker or iPhone handles complex questions well. Cortana does understand and respond well and correctly regardless of noise (within reason). Overall Cortana performs better on the iPad and iPhone than Siri. Its limitation is it can’t do all the things Siri Can.

Amazon Echo – the most integrated device in the space and the list of integrations is growing. The overall impact of the integration is significant. Does struggle with complete data questions and overall doesn’t do as well with Ambient noise as Cortana does.

Google Home – integrated within the Google space very well. Is also, like the other three adding devices it can talk too rapidly. Does, as well as Cortana in the Ambient noise world, does exceptionally well with complex questions. Google Home integrates well with Google Play.

Jibo – bar none the cutest. Better at Jokes than the other speakers are. Jibo struggles with Ambient noise a bit.  Doesn’t have integration today and struggles with complex questions.

My list is expanding! Sorry about-about the table formatting. The clear winners are detailed below by what category you are looking to add a home interaction device to your life for.

  1. Overall integration – Amazon Echo
  2. Overall voice recognition – Microsoft Cortana
  3. Overall cute – Jibo