Cool Tech Wander Translation hardware

The coolest technology you can ever consider is the one that helps you do something. The reason I bring this up and have brought this up sometimes is the reality of connectivity and the brave new world we are in. In part because yesterday I started removing the applications from my iPad that were not compatible with iOS 11. I have many more applications on my iPhone than my iPad, but the ones on my iPad tend to be more specialized. (I have some boating applications on my iPad). All of the applications that don’t work won’t be on the devices soon until they are patched, or well then they just stay on my device forever.

Shipping now or soon is a couple of interesting translation devices. Travis is the first to market, a stand-alone translation device that connects to the WiFi network of wherever you are and provides translation services (built-in microphone and speakers). It is reasonably fast, I’ve used it three times so far. I wasn’t trying to translate a difficult passage, just turned on the local Washington DC channel that broadcasts in Spanish. I have enough Spanish to know that Travis did well.

Another device that is shipping very soon is Pilot. It is an earbud that does the same thing as Travis. I will post an in-depth review of both when I can try both of them side by side with actual native language speakers (rather than TV which first of all has speakers etc. and isn’t the same). Translation is always an interesting endeavor, so I am curious as to how well these devices will do. I have a lot of friends in other countries that speak English only because that is my primary language; it will be fun to talk to some of them in their native language rather than mine!


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