Ok I’ve started to clean my office…

IMG_0776I don’t often post a bunch of technology pictures, but I thought I would today, more for a what are the last nine pictures you took with your cell phone camera? I know that I have to remind myself at times to move the pictures out of my apple drive to my local picture folders. Otherwise, the only backup I have is online with apple. I trust that apple isn’t going out of business just more than only one backup makes me nervous. I do use my cellular phone to take pictures of things I am putting on eBay. But that is more because then I don’t have to resize or modify the pictures you can post them as is from Cellular phone to eBay.

20170810_105440057_iOSI also store pictures taken from my Bloomsky weather station. That in part because it is fun to capture images of the sky. The other of course that we have firmly established here as well as in my other blogs that I am a weather geek.  You will also see pictures I’ve taken to include as cover art for my blogs. I do that because it is more fun to have a picture I’ve taken as the cover art than searching for the perfect picture and then finding out if I am allowed to use it.

20170810_105816897_iOSThe last images are of my office, taken from a firmly fixed mount 360-degree camera that by default and nature only takes about 270 degrees (it has a base, that is mounted on my wall so it cannot take images of itself). I decided I need to take a shaming picture of the mess every day. I am going to make progress this summer in cleaning my office. I did manage to clean off one shelf but took things that were on the floor and stacked them on the shelf. I also have posted a lot of stuff on eBay as well this year. I am, as I said, really focus on getting my office more manageable. I do like having the camera in my office as well; it is a neat view of the office. You can also take video, but not sure why I would take video of a mess.


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