Of video and change…

video boardToday’s image is kind of a where things used to be an image. It is an old video editing system we had many years ago (circa mid – 1990’s). The device could have two video sources and then would output the playing course on a monitor. Finally, the last connection was a destination. Or you have to have a video camera and two VCR’s to make this work. Sadly, we had all of that. I made about ten videos over the years with this device. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t the professional level machines my video production wife used (ergo, she hated this board).

Why am I talking about old technology tools today? Well in part to mention that everything you could do (with a lot of manual intervention) with that board you can now do on your computer, and frankly the price difference is pretty impressive. The computer based video editing software you can get now has a lot more functi8onality. If you wanted to add music to a video back in the day, you had to pump the music source into the board. Now, you simply drop an MP3 file (that YOU OWN) into your video. Then you are off to the video publishing reality. Personally, I push most of the video’s I do to YouTube, but there are other places you can publish to as well.

What was is no more. Now everyone can edit video right on their cellular devices.  The question I have going forward is ultimately what additional video functionality will move away from professionals and into the amateur world. 360-degree cameras hit the shelves a little over a year ago. 3d cameras hit the market two years before that. AR/VR enabled cameras are available now, (360-degree camera and software). The home video of tomorrow is going to be an amazing experience.

I do miss my manual editing board though. Imagine a new board like that, where you could have a live drone or ROV feed, editing that on the fly with home security footage or live camera footage to create a VR/AR experience. The changes are simply exciting now! I can’t wait to see what is next!


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