Cool Tech Secret Agent and why not to clean my office.

There are a couple of things I use that are extremely geeky. One of them is the cool Walabot tool. It, Walabot, allows you to see what is behind your finished wall. I use it with my Samsung Tablet and have found studs before installing a whiteboard and other things in the basement. The other thing I am enjoying is the new snake cameras that you can connect to your iPhone or Android and see what is happening in drains and other locations you can reach with eyes, flashlights and other visual systems. I also like both of them, because you’ve seen tools like that in the movies. It is always fun to have secret agent gear you can play with!

That got me thinking, about the tools I use. Not that I am driven by spy movies and want to be a secret agent. I love the Kingsman, but I still don’t own a black umbrella. I have a smaller umbrella that I keep in my bag. The tech that is critical for me is the tech that impacts what I do. Walabot is great for seeing behind walls. The LED lit snake camera is great for seeing where you can’t put your face.

All of those thoughts made me go back and realize I need to go to my office again and purge stuff I am not using. That, by the way, is how my morning brain works. I start off considering a tool and then end up realizing I need to clean my office.

I would like to blame ADHD, but in fact, it isn’t that. It is just that I try not to clean my office again and again.

The last thing, I promise for today, I have found a couple of items that I wanted to setup again and start using. I realized, however, that I do not have the power supplies. There has to be a way to create an application that would take a picture and go out and find replacement parts for the device. It couldn’t be that hard.