Considering a 360 degree camera?

20170807_090936339_iOSOne of the things that I find exciting in the world of IT, technology and change right now is the area of 360-degree cameras’ From the first launched (via Crowdfunding) more than four years ago now to the many that are already shipping the world has changed. First off, disclaimer/reality check. A 360-degree camera is close to a full circle but you still miss some parts of the image, so the reality is sometimes you need software to stitch it together. There are some solutions and packages out there, so the important thing is to choose wisely. Whenever I say choose wisely, I always remember the end scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusader (you, have chosen poorly).

Determine what it is you want to capture with the camera. Static mounted or fixed cameras can by default only capture 180 degrees. But that can be a valuable 180 degrees. I have one in my office that I use to see what is in my office. It is not for security it is more for reminding myself where I put things. The more mobile 360-degree cameras have some other features that are intriguing. I have crowd funded a couple of them over the past three years. In part because I am a huge fan of crowdfunding. In part because I am an even bigger fan of cameras.

All that said, my buyers, guide for 360-degree cameras.

  1. If you are buying one, know what you are going to be doing with one. For example, if you want it as an adventure camera, get one that supports being mounted on different things.
  2. If you intend to use it underwater, get one that comes with an underwater case made for the camera!
  3. Make sure the memory is enough for what you want to do. A device that supports two gigs of storage won’t take 8 hours of 360-degree action video.
  4. If your intent is to have a 360-degree selfie camera, make sure you can mount the camera onto a selfie stick. Otherwise, all we will see is 360 degrees around where you mount the camera, or if it is shoulder mounted your ear!

The expanding market for these cameras is impressive. Just note the last buyers warning, make sure the software you get with the devices works with your cellular phone or tablet.


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