It is not the information age we are approaching, it is the entertainment age!

The art of the possible, or the evolution of home entertainment. When I was a kid, which I have mentioned before but it is still relevant, we had four channels on the TV. There was a 5th channel, but for the most part, unless it was perfect weather, we didn’t have anything other than images of polar bears playing in the arctic. (Nice way of saying snow).

It was the rise of cable television that changed all of that. It, cable TV, also prepared us for the later changes that required the high-speed access cable companies could provide us to the internet. Now we are at another tipping point when it comes to the internet, and I’ve talked about that problem so many times I am not going to waste time again today. Instead, I want to talk about entertainment as it pertains to the reality of what you do on a Friday night. According to the various organizations that watch the internet, most people flip on Netflix. As in, Netflix represents more than 50% of the total bandwidth consumed on the internet on a Friday night. Netflix provides an interesting extension of what people consume and how. The other side of the five channels we had on good days, was that you watched TV when the show was on or you waited for reruns in the summer. VCR’s and then DVR’s changes the when and how of viewing Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have created the reality of on demand (as has iTunes and Google play) releasing us not only from what we watch but also where we watch and on what device we are watching.

The wonder and joy of information available at your beck and call. We have not entered the long propounded information age, we have entered the entertainment age, the one right before information takes over!