Why I post and where as well…

There are some things I do as a technologist all the time. One of my favorite personal running jokes is my posting of Yesterday’s Weather. It, the weather forecast for yesterday, fills my YouTube channel. I usually have some crazy thing to say about yesterday’s weather. In reality, my predictions based on focusing on yesterday’s weather versus what might happen today or tomorrow pushes my prediction reliability rate to 100%. I haven’t been wrong yet!

Another media thing I do every single month (well I try I do not always succeed) is to post a podcast. Part of my podcast has always been continuing the conversation from my blog in a more informal, personal way. It is me continuing my side of the conversation. I also can say that in fact the only place you can get Fred and Ed stories is on my podcast.

The last media thing I am doing is sharing my families digital pictures. That I am doing on Virily.com as they have a very nice photo album and blog feature that makes everything work together nicely! My rule is I am sharing all pictures and not editing them before posting them.

All of these media sources and media postings are things I have been doing for awhile. It brings together my love of technology and my love of sharing. I have argued for a long time that one of the things that cause organizations to struggle is the creation of expert cultures (ask Jim, or Sally they are the only people that know the answer). To create a sharing culture, it is critical that you share! That is why I focus on and continue to share information in my blogs, pictures, podcast and Yesterday’s Weather forecast!


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