Some fun techy things for a Saturday…

I am not going to comment on the current US political situation. In part because I have no idea what to say and in part because I have many non-US readers who probably don’t care. Actually, not that I don’t care, but frankly the sheer frustration having the conversation is more than I want to deal with at this point.

The reason for the initial statement has to do with the news that I get in my inbox every morning. I need to shut off the many news feeds I am getting. It just frustrates me every morning. I will not succumb to sharing my opinions and thoughts. Enough people do that as it is.

There are several cool projects that I am excited about right now from a technology perspective. The interesting cool-tech project first off is the Raspberry Shake. In fact, you can get one for yourself, or your child’s school (donation) at their shop right now.On the link you can also get a discount coupon. Enter RSEND17 in the coupon space, and you’ll get a discount, and you or your school get a Seismograph!

They (Raspberry Shake) also have a Kickstarter Campaign going for their newest product, the 4d. You can find that one here if you want to back one.

Add a seismograph to your weather data, so you know why the ground is shaking and well, what is happening at your house right now. Even on days that were bad it is still more fun to watch my YouTube channel with the many time-lapse weather videos I’ve shared than reading the news. I promise it is a lot more fun!!