Why the work from home revolution is slowly shifting back to work at an office…

Is the work from home revolution over? In part, it has been over for many years. In part, it is still alive, and frankly, in part, it should be over. How is that for a weasel maybe answer? Or a more likely consulting “It Depends.”

Working from home requires a few things that most employers don’t include, give you are consider and is one of the reasons why working from home doesn’t work. The first problem that most people have to work from home is alone. When you work from home, you have to be willing to be alone. Many people won’t admit it, but the connection to other people at work is really important to them.

But frankly, there are technical issues that are a little more glaring. One’s that many companies could fix at a reduced cost, much less than the cost of moving employees back to the office.

  1. Improved connectivity to solutions
  2. Improved visual support in their home office

The first is pretty straight forward. It involves having connectivity o your solutions supported for remote employees. One of the things you run into at times is security software that makes it impossible for remote employees to participate in video conferencing.

The second is also pretty easy it just involves making sure people have a good monitor at home. Why? Because when you sit hunched over a laptop all day long, day after day you end up having eye strain, a sore neck and aren’t as productive.

Do I think the stay at home, work from home revolution is over? No, I think it has just begun Reality and past knowledge tells me that things like this evolve. Welcome to the first evolution, unlike the dinosaurs we aren’t talking a massive meteor hitting the earth. So we can go-with-da flow!