Of the days when cars have no drivers…

As a technologist, I am always concerned about connection and available capacity. I sometimes sit in traffic and my head redesign traffic patterns. I realize that it takes years of experience, and there is a process, but when I am stuck in traffic at times, it makes me feel better.

One of the things that I realized is we need a way to notify the world of people that drive to aggressively. I understand if you are busy and forget to get into the proper lane. We all make mistakes, and the minute you put your turn signal on (what’s a turn signal you ask? Ah, now I know which driver you are), I will let you in. I make mistakes as well, and well forgive and move on.

That honestly got me thinking about the reality of future traffic patterns. Once Driverless cars hit the roads, there won’t be as many aggressive drivers. Driverless cars will also reduce the sheer pain of the commuting process; you will be able to work in the car increasing your productivity and extending your work day (or shortening the actual time you spend in the office).

Yes, when I am stuck in the car waiting for Godot, I tend to wander. I pay attention to the road, and I am a very careful driver, but I am thinking about ways to solve the problem of the overly aggressive driver in front of me!


Driverless car dreamer