The reality of upgrades…

I was, based on an email yesterday thinking back over technology and in particular, the concept of I have to upgrade. There are things that I have and use that I feel compelled to upgrade. There are technologies that faded from my compelled to upgrade list to the nice when I get a chance, and there are devices and gadgets that I never upgrade.

The first category is cell phones. I have replaced my phone every year since 1990. Starting in 1994 I was only carrying one device (PPC phone) before that I was carrying a PPC (Compaq) and a phone. The interesting sidebar with this particular set is the reality of what was part of the phone then and now. A couple of devices I’ve had for years are gone now because they are integrated into the phone. I don’t carry a GPS, Satellite Radio or a music player anymore. Just my phone!

Tablets, used to be I upgraded every single year, but now I don’t feel compelled to do so. I have newer versions of the tablets I use (Microsoft Book and the iPad Pro). I also have a Samsung Note and a Kindle, but for the most part the iPad and Surface Book are my two go two tablets. I haven’t upgraded either of them in more than a year, and I don’t see a compelling reason to do so, in the near term.

Now that brings me, to an interesting point. For example, there are some technologies that I love but don’t upgrade. I do software updates as required but I don’t upgrade the hardware. Amazon Echo is one; I have the first one I got three years ago, the second I bought for the basement and other than adding a new one, I haven’t upgraded the Echo in awhile. It is in a new category for me, buy and keep. I am probably going to buy the new Harmon Kardon Microsoft Cortana device this fall, not because of anything other than I like having voice command in the rooms of the house I am in frequently. It will also fit into that new category of buying it and that is it.

Compelled to replace, considering replacing and buy and install never upgrading are the categories I am talking about today. I may add these to my reviews in the future, as a category right before the actual rating. I haven’t decided yet; I will decide based on reader feedback!