VR, what is and isn’t today..

I have spent the past four months expanding my Virtual Reality systems. I suspect in some cases that don’t sound good. What I’ve done are installed two different VR headsets. Well, one headset that is designed to be a virtual window into the virtual reality on the computer and the second is a VR/AR headset that allows you to create an interactive computing environment around you.

During that time I have spent considerable time building out potential use cases for the technology. Different ways that the systems, headsets, and solutions could change or modify how the world perceives and operates the overall solutions.

There are two distinct types of AR/VR systems. The first is a wireless or wired headset that connects to a gaming console or a computer. The computer then or the game system presents the VR environment, and the headset is the presentation system for that. The other style is more self-contained. The headset includes the compute resource required for the creation of the Virtual environment.

Now all this said, the recent CES show ended with everyone talking about the virtual systems that were displayed. Within the computer or game console driven VR systems, there were two varieties shown the world, wired and wireless headsets. The second type of all on one device don’t have or require wires other than the reality of charging the device.

That got me thinking of all the use cases I have considered in the past year for VR. First, off the two types of devices have very different visual impacts. The game console or PC-driven VR goggles require space, and you can’t move around with the devices. The phone or tablet driven systems are smaller, but frankly, you don’t have the graphics power to deliver a solid VR experience. You end up with a lesser quality presentation. That will continue to evolve and improve.

Right now the two systems I am using the most are the Oculus Rift and the Sony PlayStation VR. I do have a couple of others, but for now, they are sitting in my closet. As AR (Last year’s Pokémon go) gameify the world around us, you will see more and more systems available. Welcome to the brave new world of VR!


VR fanatic