Tech support is not that hard…really…

One of the things I find most frustrating in the technology world is bad tech support. Not, the just inane Windows Tech Support team that used to call me (sniff, sniff they don’t call anymore sad). Never, by the by, give anyone you do not know access to your computer unless you know without a doubt that they are from a company that is reputable.

The worst technical support I get is usually on the far edge devices I have, and I do understand that. It is a lot harder to support devices that are cutting edge, and the problems tend to be additionally complex because those who adopt early tend to have complex use cases.

Lately, I have had two experiences that I want to share. One was cutting edge, new technology and the response was impressive, the result was extremely well received, and overall everything came together nicely. I reached out to Bloomsky because my time-lapse weather video station was having an image issue. Within a week I was up and running with a new station, no more blurry. It made me feel better about what I was doing, and of course, I got to continue posting my Yesterday’s Weather segment on YouTube!

The second incidence has been with the 3d printer I have (Flashforge Dreamer). The tech support I’ve gotten stretched out over four months and in the end didn’t resolve the issue. Well, it did, but the amount of effort for me to take apart the printer and install the fix is more than I am willing to do. I don’t have 4 hours of time to throw at fixing something like a 3d printer. Plus the tech support I received was less than stellar. Needless to say, I am listing the printer at a reduced price on eBay tomorrow.

I understand that good technical support is hard. I’ve sat on the phone for 21 hours with a customer, I know it isn’t easy. I’ve been in the middle of a crisis, with one phone talking to a vendor, and the other phone talking to a co-worker trying to solve the unsolvable problem we had. I understand how frustrating and painful it can be.

But I also know that customer service can be done better. I personally get rid of devices that don’t meet my requirements for customer service. It is my rule. Goodbye 3d printer, although I did back a new one on Kickstarter that is coming this fall so it isn’t a huge loss.

I will leave you today with two simple rules for all tech support:

1. Explain the overall troubleshooting process to the customer upfront.

2. Explain that you own their problem and want to get it fixed.

It really is that simple.


Tech support fanatic