Dear sir, or madam your drone delivered milk to my house again…

They sparkle, they twinkle, and they are all around us. It isn’t by the way, just the camera now that looks to see. It is just about everything. Why have dumb lights when smart lights are so much brighter? You can, of course, see better by smart lights. The light isn’t bound by the rules of the universe and can look around corners for you.

The internet and the things of the internet, what NIST calls Cyber-Physical Systems represents a massive system and one that is growing very rapidly. 12 billion, 20 billion devices it doesn’t matter now. There are more devices than people {Wait, isn’t that the premise of just about every single Science Fiction movies where humans are embattled?}

Medical devices, fitness devices, information devices and then just devices. One’s that wake you up. One’s that help you go to sleep. One’s that provide information to you, in a never ending flow such as weather stations and home security systems. The devices that are watching us are increasing. A lot of that is good; there is nothing better than devices watching and monitoring the air around you for impurities and noise pollution. But the reality is most people discard the information. It comes to you in the form of a notification on your device while that device sits in your pocket. You then actually never interact with it as you dismiss the lock screen (where the notifications are) without reading them.

It is going to get worse. The number of devices producing information is going to continue to grow. From 12 to 15 billion (depends on which analyst group you respect) to 40, 50 and even 100 billion devices in less than ten years. Smart backpacks will remind you to put them by a window so they can use the sun to charge their batteries. Smart note taking devices will when activated take notes of the meeting and provide a transcript to you in an email. Interactive conference systems will expand to more than just people and whiteboards.

The future is very interesting. Predictions of what may yet come are also interesting.  I have written about drones and what is possible in that market many times in the past two years. It is a market that is evolving and expanding rapidly. I am still anti-selfie drones, but that is a personal bias. I suspect based on the number I’ve seen recently available for purchase they are going to be fairly ubiquitous fairly quickly.

I still maintain that if I knock your selfie drone out of the sky with my selfie stick, it isn’t vandalism it is self-defense. I still own the visage that is my image. No one else wants to see my mug in the morning, as they look in the mirror trust me on that one. Someday we won’t run errands we will just program drones!


IoT dreamer