To stream, or not to stream that is the question…

One of the interesting things yesterday for me, was the fact that the graduation ceremony for my son’s high school was actually streamed live. I understand things now are different than they were, but that to me was really cool. My wife and I have the oldest grandchild and the youngest grandchildren in our family, so we were the first and last. My mother got to see all of her grandchildren graduate high school, that is pretty special.

Streaming the even was a nice touch. We have the technology, and it isn’t that hard to deliver that stream. The event was held at the Daughters of the American Revolution convention hall in downtown DC. (DAR its called).

I have two complaints about driving in DC. First of all, it is painful. Way more painful than it should be in fact. It took us more than an hour to make it from the DC line to the convention hall (less than 20 minutes to go from our house in Maryland to the DC line, even though that was a greater distance (20 miles vs. 10 miles).

Getting around DC during rush hour is not fun. There are better ways, but when you consider it was a High School Graduation event, not sure there was one for us. We had to go. Seems strange now, that our children are no longer in public school. All of them are in school at this point (three undergrads and one graduate school).

That got me thinking this morning, what if we could stream events at will in our lives. Having something that would allow us to stream breakfast if we so desired. Jibo is such a toolkit. When life is best to live to stream, rely on Jibo!

Canary is another product that could offer that, a way to live stream your life. I guess that only issue would be that presented in the movie The Truman show. How much access is too much?

What do I want to watch today? Someone live streaming painting their deck? Does someone live streaming washing dishes or a live stream of someone petting their dog? Decisions, Decisions where is a coin when you need to flip one?


non-live streamer