Ride the voice search wave…

Troubleshooting two technology problems right now that are making me a little annoyed. Well actually three, but I think I have solved one of the three. The first issue (the one I believe to be solved) was a battery issue on the boat (as in the batteries were not changed). With the new power cables, I suspect this one is resolved.

The other issue that I find annoying is two-fold. It is my basement vacuum cleaner and it is acting up. I just found out today how to clean the filter of the vacuum so hopefully tomorrow this problem is no longer a problem!

Lastly is a problem with a refrigerator, making horrible fan noises so I am trying to figure out if the fan is dirty, something is pressed against it or if I need to move the refrigerator further from the wall. Troubleshooting things you don’t normally work with is much harder than troubleshooting computers.

The reason for this post is the reality of Google/Bing. I find that I start trouble shooting there now (Bing/Google). In fact, I’ve noticed that I am spending less and less time on the initial troubleshooting and more time looking it up.

Once upon a time, we didn’t have Google/Bing. We did have the internet and the initial search engines were running (Google was one of them, but it was not then what it is now). You often had to go to a vendor’s website and search on the site for the information you were seeking. Those were the days, and troubleshooting took a lot longer then than now!

Voice-controlled search, such as used by the Amazon Echo speakers and Google Home allow you to search by voice. There are a growing number of devices in this category (Apple and Microsoft are entering with their own devices this fall). I find in troubleshooting problems right now, Google Home has two advantages. The first is the integration with Google search. The second is the ability to connect the Google Home Device to your chrome cast and see YouTube videos related to the search. That I suspect will change over time, as Amazon’s Echo and FireTV become more and more integrated.

All of this leading to faster resolution of searches and problems. Working with Cortana as part of Hololens I am excited to see if the Harmon Kardon MSFT speaker featuring Cortana will be as good as Cortana is on other devices.

We have a search horse race again!


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