We stumbled, we didn’t fall…

The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first. But the first step of a journey you didn’t know you were on, is hard to identify. For me, I love technology, teaching, and dogs. Anything, that combines the three hits my list of things I really want to complete.

I was doing a series of IoT presentations for schools last year. Well, actually CPS presentations (the management and operations framework and security considerations around IoT). It was a chance to teach, and talk technology but no dogs involved.

In fact, my dog hates technology. If he is sitting next to me, and I pick up my phone while petting him, he will hit the phone. He doesn’t mind my office (that is filled with technology) but he minds me choosing technology over him.

I don’t by the way, but he thinks I do. I don’t though. I promise.

The first step into understanding what lies beyond where we are is to consider where we started. Once upon a time, we didn’t have handheld cellular phones that worked globally. We had walkie-talkies that worked less than a mile if we were lucky. CB radios and HAM radios burst onto the scene and extended our capacity. You could (and we did) send radio signals to the moon (without Alice though) and receive a signal back. But most radios weren’t that powerful. The rise of digital cellular service was a game changer.

In fact, that first step is where we went wrong. You cannot, however, stumble if you don’t step in the first place.

The journey, the passage, even the path are where we seek to find a way that we will not stumble. When I watched the NASA Moon Landing, and the Apollo 13 crisis, we had two (only one in 1969) or fewer TVs in the house. We had 5 to 6 stations (depending on weather) and the concept of Polar Bear Watching (white bear, on a white background) wasn’t alien in fact we often had snow on the TV.

In fact, that first step is where we went wrong. You can stumble taking your first step.

Knowing those first steps into a world of where we are, and knowing where we started I can now see where we went wrong. From handheld cellular devices that entertain you, to 100 stations on TV that never shows snow unless you are watching a show about the Arctic, is where we stumbled.

We didn’t fall. We are still moving. We just stumbled for a moment.


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