Cool Tech Wander Project Issue 13

There are four crowdfunding projects I am waiting for because I think they are significant game changers. The first is the intelligent Jibo robot, a system designed to integrate with you and provide your family with a friendly face to talk to, as well as providing automation and other services.

The second is the Keecker, a homepod they call it. It is truly a device that I suspect will explode over time. Why? It creates, expands and makes real the screen as a service (and brings good speakers along for the ride). Call your Keecker to you with your phone, and that web meeting is now on the wall, anywhere you are.

Third on my expanding list is Snapmaker, coming this fall it is a 3d printer that also allows you to do laser engraving. Ok kind of on the geeky end, but it is something that interested me. First off it is the first all metal 3d printer I’ve seen. Second laser engraving was well beyond an amazing add to the product!

Finally is the Bixby, a person watercraft. Well, it is not a craft, it is a propulsion system that you, as a person can use underwater. A personal water jet if you would. Allowing you to move at 2 to 3 miles an hour for 15 minutes underwater. A good swimmer can swim about 2 miles in an hour, so this is a great tool for getting somewhere fast underwater. FYI Sharks swim 20 mph underwater so you won’t use it to outrun a shark.

Technologies that make life easier, automate processes and well just provide value. Keecker and Jibo offer robotic interfaces that provide a more human view of what robotics can do in the home. Bixby helps people do something they aren’t as easily able to do. Finally the last item Snapmaker extends 3d printing of plastic, by adding the ability to use laser engraving. I am going to do a bunch of key fobs with the phrase “I enjoy cool tech wanderings.”

Thanks as always for reading!