110 Cornets in the big parade…

There are some things that I have come to consider valuable over the past few years. Yesterday I rambled on about cameras, mostly because I find value in cameras. They are something that my father and I discussed, so like Circular Slide Rules; they have a special place for me.

Being able to play musical renditions on Cassette, LP, CD, and streaming from one device is the first thing I automated in our house. Why? Becuase that is important to me. I am a huge music fan! There is still something about that original sound on an LP that is magical. Every once in awhile, I just like to listen to the LP.

That got me thinking about music in general, but also in specific about the music I listen to and how. First of all, I can honestly say that XM and later Sirius XM changed how I listen to music in the car. As an FM junkie before XM, I found myself taking a portable XM radio with me throughout my US travels (they don’t work overseas). As I continued to travel, I always had my music with me.

Around the time of the XM/Sirius revolution was the reality of ever increasing audio resources as assets. Suddenly you could have an iPod loaded with 50 hours of music and all your Audible Books (that is probably a larger collection for me than most people). That evolved into the newer Android and iOS pheons with enough memory that you no longer needed the iPod. Music went where you went, so now does TV and of course, you can listen to your SiriusXM channels on your phone as well.

There used to be a portable Television screen (FloTV) that would allow you to connect to and watch television anywhere. They went out of business because the various providers like Dish and ATTDirect now offer that service online. FloTV, like SiriusXM, were ahead of their time, the difference being that SiriusXM had and has something that people want (genre focused music) that is digitally pure and can be listened to in the car or streamed in your home.

There are some things missing, however. That missing reality is for a later post, one that will answer the bell for missing pieces. The next change for music enjoyment is coming.

Back, however, to the reality of music. I find now that I have devices I use every day and devices I use less often. One of them is the wonderful Amazon Echo speaker system. We have two in the house now, one in each office with an Amazon Echo Dot, in the master bedroom. The three of them provide a wonderful musical and gaming experience throughout the rooms they are in.

I still have, and listen to SiriusXM; it remains a go-to while in the car. Frankly, in the DC area, we are sometimes in the car for 2 hours going somewhere. So we need good entertainment for that two house, SiriusXM fits that bill. I haven’t turned on the HD FM radio or HD AM radio in the car since I got it more than a year ago.

I also have an archive of the more than 200 podcasts I have done over the years. Plus music from my favorite CD’s copies to MP3 (legal backups) and the many albums I have bought that are MP3 to start and never make it to CD’s.

One of my personal favorites (and I know it is geeky) is the Apollo mission recordings. I like to listen to them because they remind me of my father, of simpler times and of the dream of making it to the moon and back.

Finally, I will end with the following. What is it about music that excites you? What is it that you can’t put down? Can’t stop listening to? Is it go-to when you are sad? What is it about music that connects with you?


Music Man