Cool Tech Wander Project Digital Cameras!

When it comes to digital cameras I know, I am both steadfast but also flexible. There was a time when I only had Sony cameras both digital video and digital still. They had great cameras. I moved towards the DSLR world after that, in a time when Sony didn’t have a DSLR, so I ended up considering the options. I looked at the Nikon and the Canon digital single-lens reflex cameras, and after long consideration, I started with the original Canon Rebel. I loved that camera and used it extensively for over a year. I ended up moving on to the Canon 7d, and then the Canon 5ds.

At the same time, I have also moved away from Sony video cameras. I am not sure why that happened, other than I was looking for specific features that Sony just didn’t have the prosumer models. At one point I wanted a video camera that could take a high shutter speed for video, to create slow motion videos. I ended up moving to the JVC handheld video cameras.

Why am I talking about a camera wander project? Well first off because during that same time I wandered around some different camera phones but only one tough underwater camera. I bought an Olympus TG camera when they first came out (the TG-1). I have owned one ever since. In part because I am a firm believer in cameras that are flexible and in part because they have done a great job with the cameras. We have taken them underwater in Hawaii, Europe, and our neighborhood pool. They are amazing cameras and remain one of my top go-to devices. I still on occasion focus on and use my cellular camera, but when the going gets tough, then I focus on the Olympus.

I do have to say recently I’ve expanded my camera’s but that is more me focusing on the new 360 degree capabilities. I will settle on one of the 360 cameras that I like once I play with a few of them. I will keep my Olympus and my Canon because they do things other cameras do not do. I love being able to take the camera as is and use it underwater.

From Wi-Fi to GPS, ultra high-speed shutters and other things are now part of cellular cameras there is something about having a separate logic chip and of course, would you be willing to dunk your cameras? Sure you can get a case that is waterproof, but your cell isn’t built for underwater operation where in fact the Olympus TG series is!

You can also turn off the services on your phone when you use the Camera’s GPS, which reduces the battery consumption of the Cellular GPS system (which seems to draw down my battery at a huge rate). Thus ends my camera wander story, pretty much in the same place it began. Except this time, as I am going to do going forward, I would remind you, backup your pictures!!!!


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