Sad news, cool tech wander and just another Saturday!

Two things today, the second is sad the first is a fun cool new technology. I’ve talked about Beartooth before; it is a unique product (it is the unit on the MSFT Book computer in the cover picture).

What is the result? Well, it is a push to talk system that doesn’t use the cellular connection to your phone. It connects two Beartooths together (or many) and offers you a mesh array of services that you can leverage to create push-to-talk networks without a cellular connection.

Ideal for connecting while separated by distance and needing to talk to someone. Cellular signals can fade in some amusement parks, or other physical locations with low antenna ratio.

Always fun when the cool tech arrives, and I get to figure out how well it works. Two Beartooth charged and connected, all told to connect the two separate devices took about 4 minutes. Part of that was walking upstairs from my office to my wife’s office upstairs (she gets a window and the main level office. I don’t get a window and am relegated to the basement).

The second is the sad news, Niume announced yesterday that as of May 31, they no longer provide pay-per-view for blogs. I’ve seen some of the other revenue streams they have coming, they are interesting, but it is sad. I joined Niume initially for revenue but found over time that there was some other very cool community features the site provided (I enjoy all the people I’ve met).

The initial reaction is sadness, no more revenue stream. But as long as the people I’ve connected with stay on the site, I will continue to post and enjoy the services. Once those connections start to leave though, I will probably also leave.

Started for the money – staying for the community. Sounds like the story of my life when it comes to social networks!

One of the projects I backed a long time ago, was the Rocketbook notebook. 1. I love taking notes with pen and paper. 2. I love popping my Rocketbook into the Microwave and having a clear page. The company was featured on the last episode of Shark Tank, although they walked away with no sharks. Oh well.